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  1. Hi, I am looking for someone who would like to sell their ruler base for their Lenni. Thanks!
  2. Looking for a used IQ...I know this doesn't happen often, but if someone is looking to liquidate, or downside, or just doesn't use it...please let me know. Thanks
  3. Thanks Ann! Loved meeting you and your husband. Hi Zeke! Thanks for all the help like usual.
  4. Yes, I think I need to change threads a couple times anyway since some areas are much lighter than others. Why? What do u suggest?
  5. Barb, Thanks for the beautiful picture of that quilt! It is gorgeous and you do see the quilting! Lynn, We did decide that two layers of batting would be a good idea and had the same relative ideas about feathers in the plain triangles and yellow center. CC the squares, with some background filler, etc! One more question...has anyone ever knotted and buried threads on a batik quilt? Any suggestions for NOT getting a hole in the quilt? I haven't done this on a batik quilt yet and wondered if it was more tricky being a tighter weave? Thanks again@!
  6. Hi James and Carrie, Yes, I think that normally an edge to edge would be fine, but with it being our raffle quilt, and trying to make as much money as possible with it, I think I better do custom. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  7. Hi Ladies! I have a quilt that I am to quilt for our guild raffle quilt. I was just wondering if anyone had any neat ideas that would show up well. The quilt is all batiks and so I am afraid that none of the quilting will show, you know? Thanks for all your help! Luv2kwilt
  8. Are you looking for a good deal on Edgerider wheels? Here you go! These were used very lightly for about 7 mo. They were used on a 2006 Millennium. They provide stability and a smooth ride! Paid $160...asking $100. Please email or call with questions. THanks! 815-787-8641 Monica
  9. JoAnn, Can you tell me just how many inches that makes for quilting? Like, if it has leaders, how many actual inches they are? Thanks, Monica