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  1. Great, thanks Linda. I'm here in Portland, OR helping my daughter after her accident and surgery and finally found time to get online. I'm also going to find some time to get to Fabric Depot and some quilt shops!
  2. Anyone heard from Linda? I have it in my mind that she lives very near the stadium that burned yesterday. I'm hoping she is ok.
  3. Congratulations again Heidi, you did a stunning job! Wear your contestant ribbon with pride tomorrow!
  4. Sue, I'm sure you covered this somewhere along the way but I didn't see mention of it, when you raised your foot did you raise the needle bar too? The thread looping when you first raised your foot made me wonder if the needle bar got moved too so it can't make a proper stitch.
  5. Julie, I wish you well with recovery from your knee surgery. Have fun learning all about Quilt Path while you rest up!
  6. I was going to call mine Milli Vanilli - but bad connotations there. There is nothing false about APQS or these machines! So I named her Miss Smilla after the book 'Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow'
  7. Hi Andrea - you've probably done this but check that your sandwich is not too tight. That can cause an occasional problem too. Dawn says it should be loose enough that if you poke your finger up underneath the sandwich you should be able to grab it from above the quilt sandwich. The 3 layers then seem really loose but it does help.
  8. I have customers come to my house to drop off but I think I would still use the Insurance angle - not insured for machine operation with customers present perhaps? I have learned over the years that, whatever the sticky situation with customers, saying 'NO' gets easier the more situations you have to say it! Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  9. Congratulations Linda! Here's to the next chapter of your life - ENJOY!
  10. Well Linda, you are right. Her applique is lovely. However, your quilting, IQ or not, is wonderful! Now pat yourself on the back and take a well-earned rest - or at least stick to E2Es next as a break!
  11. Yes Heidi it was.....until yesterday afternoon when I got home to see that the HOA had just had the lawns sprayed with weedkiller ! I wonder if Sue wants to visit next spring and we can re-seed. Of course, if the HOA would also take proper care of the grass we wouldn't have had to re-seed in the first place!
  12. We had the sandwich really loose - positively floppy! I have done lots of quilts with batik top and backing but this was a first since I started using the Magna Glide delights. I think adding in Warm & Natural was just too much. We swapped to Bottom Line in the bobbin which worked really well. This was all for the friend who helped me build the work table and who brought me the Ikea shelves, all for my studio last year. She did most of the quilting on these 3 quilts too - using Circle Lord boards. She only ever uses Warm & Natural for her quilts - NOT my first choice. I thin
  13. My friend is visiting from NJ and, in exchange for her helping me with my garden, we have been quilting some quilts for her. The first 2 were no problem. The third (and last - hooray!) is a batik top and backing, Warm & White batting (I don't usually put W & N/W & W on my machine but it's her favorite) and we have been using Superior SF Varigated on top with Magna Glide in the bobbin. We are using Circle Lord Swirlz. We have been getting constant thread breaks - mainly with the bobbin thread but sometimes with the top thread too. I haven't quilted any quilts with batik top
  14. Oh, I forgot to say - I have received pantos in a large padded envelope before. "Priority" mail is good but the pantos will be very light and regular USPS may be less expensive.