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  1. I agree that this is the best forum ever on the net. I have been out of pocket for a while and really missed hearing about everyone and reading all the good ideas. I am back and already picked up a great idea for panto storage. Thank you so much for all the great learning ideas and God Bless all of you.
  2. Boy, am I glad that I went back to read these older posts, since I've not been lost on the forum for a while. This just happened to me this week!!! I'm so glad I'm not alone too. I think the camera idea is great, also the drawing it on clear plastic (which I use when auditioning many designs anyway). Thanks for the reminders.
  3. Opps, almost forgot to congratulate Judy too. The workmanship has to be good to even be considered, so I'm sure you will both be honored with a ribbon.
  4. Irene, Congratulations on getting into Paducah. That is a major honor in my book too. I will be at the show and am anxious to see your beautiful quilting up close and personal. Hopefully you will be sitting in the winner's chair next to it so I can meet you personally too!!
  5. Oh MY -- What a beauty. Girl, do you ever sleep??? This looks very labor intensive, but well worth the effort. It's going in my favorites. Dar
  6. OMG!! That is one beautiful quilt and your quilting is spectacular. I should say anyone would be "over the moon" to get this back. Wish it were mine. Dar
  7. I love the look of both front and back too. My question is how does one start to practice on a pattern like this. Do you go left to right acrosss the entire quilt or up and down some then to the right until you fill the whole area. I have not tried ANY e2e. I'm only comfortable with pantos at the present. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  8. I love your tablerunner. What a cute pattern and your quilting looks just right. Nice job. Dar
  9. I too agree with what's been said. This forum and the people on it are THE BEST!!!! anywhere. I have learned so much and always love reading the posts. Wish I would have found you all sooner and contribute more, but I feel like one of the family when I do have a question. Thanks to you all and Shana, we can hardly contain our curiousity. Dar
  10. Thanks Gator. I understand now. Sounds like a great plan. I may have to invent a "leveler bar" apparatus to put on my machine JUST for a tape measure!:P Dar
  11. Gator, I wondered why I see 2 tape measures across your machine on one of your pictures. It looks like you have a tape measure right on the black roll bar??? I know it's probably not, but explain how you use this and when. I can see that loading a quilt to keep it squrare is a good thing, but then you loose sight of the tape as the quilt is rolled, right??? I've been wanting to put a zero tape on my machine since getting it, but didn't know the proper way or place to attach it. I don't have a APQS machine, so I don't know if it will work. Thank you very much for explaining the Red Snapp
  12. Linda, You really rock!!!! That is one fantastic quilting job. It must have taken you a really long time to execute such detailed designs. How do you ever come up with so many ideas for one quilt. That would be my whole repertoire for the year!!! You are really talented. Thanks for sharing. Dar in MO
  13. Very cute table runner. I would love to make one too, but have to stick to UFO's for a while longer. I love your suggestions you have received. The quilting will really add to the fun of the runner. Can't wait to see what you do.
  14. Unbelievable! I wouldn't have thought it possible had I not seen it with my own eyes. I too think you are a magician. I love M&M peanuts but never knew they had such powers. I hope I never encounter anything like that, but have saved to favorites in case I do. Great job. Dar
  15. Sandra, Good luck in taking your life back. Have fun and enjoy each day to the fullest. I'm still a newbie and just started a small business and already I think I would like more time for my own quilts. I did not advertise, only word of mouth, but I'm as busy as I want to be and some. If I didn't need the $ it would be easier to say no. Will look forward to seeing more of your masterpieces that you created. Dar