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  1. Gerry..I haven't been on in awhile, but just came on and saw your beautiful free motion quilt! I'm in your old mold of doing pantographs! I'm still not good, but getting learning how to line up so the pattern fills in right! You did so much quilting in that quilt...I'm amazed!!!Elaine
  2. Geraldine...ohhh, I like whirlpool alot! I'll check webshots too, but whirlpool...ohhh!!!!Thanks, Elaine
  3. Norece, are you saying like a squiggly worm? Elaine
  4. Has anyone ever quilted a Storm At Sea patterned quilt? I'm almost finished piecing one and can only imagine 2 quilt designs.#1 swirl like waves, #2 an allover popcorn type design. The intence blue really gives life to the ocean effect and I'd like to enhance this..remember, my longarm skills are very limited, but I am only quilting it for me so practice is a good thing! Thanks for any I'm really at a loss here! Elaine
  5. Quiltaholic...that is one of the most adorable xmas quilts I've ever seen! Your quilting really captured the scenes. Elaine
  6. Jbnt9999, where in Va. are you? I live in N. Va. I sure know that I can't help you with any real problems, but maybe we could play one day?lol Elaine ps. I'm new too(4 or 5 quilts under my belt!)
  7. Just a your sandwich being pulled too tight by the take up roller? Elaine
  8. all quilt fast! I use between 2-4...but I am so new and don't quilt that much or regards to vibration..I get a little vibration even at that slow a speed...maybe like a car that shakes before it stops running because it's been idleing too long:D:Elaine
  9. I'm in awe..gorgeous quilt and quilting! Thanks for the close-ups Gerry! Elaine
  10. Beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting..what more could anyone want? Elaine
  11. I made this so I could use the pantograph "Falling Leaves" you can see the quilt but the quilting doesn't show the design in photo..used varigated king Tut and enjoyed panto work as it was only 2 hours to do this where as 12 hours to do wedd. tension issue this time around!!!Elaine
  12. This is my 4th quilt...I made it so I could practice freehand...I used King Tut top and bobbin,HobbsHeirloom80/20 and a pounce pad for the center..bought and wasn't coordinated enough to use Megans Ruler for SID so did that fee hand Elaine
  13. Some quilters use Press-n-Seal by just laying it on the fabric and marking it then quilting right thru it as they claim it easily tears away....also pet stores carry a Pet Sponge and it does an amazing job of getting all thread off my carpet as I piece..for pet hair you just swipe it and all the hair is wiped away! Elaine
  14. timely of you to ask this quest.!! Last week I had the same thing happen...tut top and bottom. I put the old needle back in and no more breaks! I'm gonna run panyhose thru the "new" needle and see if it has a burr on it! Elaine