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  1. Debbi - WOW!!! THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! AWESOME JOB!!!! Julie
  2. Linda - you rock!!! Your quilting is really spectacular. You should be very proud. Julie
  3. Ok Mary Beth - I thought it was just my computer!!! Glad to hear it wasn't just me! Julie
  4. Tina - You did an outstanding job!!!! It is really beautiful! You should be proud of yourself!!!! Julie
  5. Patty- You really did a wonderful job. You tranformed the quilt into something fun and beautiful. Good job!!! Julie
  6. Gery - You did an awesome job! It looks great and I don't blame you for fixing the boarders. Keep up the good work!! Julie
  7. Just wondering - does the aluminum table oxidize and, if so, how do you treat it? Thanks, Julie
  8. Again, Cheryl, you are so helpful!! That is the answer I wanted to hear! Julie:)
  9. John and Cheryl - Thank you for your responses. I really appreciate the information. Julie
  10. Thanks Cheryl for the information!!! I love how helpful quilters are! I was wondering if you can put one end of the table against the wall?
  11. Hi. I am interested in purchasing a Millennium and am wondering if there are any common mechanical problems people have had using them. I know there is a three year warranty, but still am wondering about any typical problems. Thank you, Julie
  12. Thanks Linda!! Is it recommended to get a 12' or 14' table? I have the space to put a 14', but I am wondering if it is necessary. Also, should I just go for it and get the millenium or start off on a Liberty? Thanks, Julie
  13. I am considering getting a Millennium to start a quilting business. I have been quilting for many years and love the entire process. How long does it take to learn to use the long arm machines? When would I be able to start working for customers? Also, I live in a rural area. How can I be sure that I will have enough work? Julie