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  1. Until I can speak with someone from service, I pinned the batting and rolled it all the way forward so the needle shaft would run along the front bar. Worked like a charm. I could see that there were several lookers at the post but no suggestions. Thanks for reading my post. Have a great evening!!! BY THE WAY.....I LOVE THE SMOOTH MOVEMENT OF MY BLISS SYSTEM....IT'S AWESOME!!!
  2. I received my Bliss and machine (in for a tune up) from the service center. Got it all installed yesterday. I can't lock the machine so it won't move from front to back. I need this feature especially now since it glides to easily. I what to anchor the top to the backing and batting. The machine will lock so it won't move from left to right. Any ideas on what I should do?
  3. thank you sooooo much! I'll go there and check it out:P
  4. I am working on a quilt requiring a lot of fillers. I try to look at each square and see what suits that design. I am needing to do a basket weave pattern freehand. I saw Sherry Rogers Harrison do one in one of her classes, but of course, didn't take notes on that section. Do any of you know where I could possible watch a video with instruction for the basket weave design? HELP!!!!:D:D
  5. I've got that part correct.......Appreciate the idea. You never know when it could help.
  6. I got a problem with the machine skipping stitches. It looks like the hook assembly is hitting the needle in the correct time. I've got a new needle. I've checked the eye of the needle for the proper depth. Any clues what I need to check now.
  7. Yes, I really look forward to Easter. It's my favorite because it the day my Lord rose from the grave, making a way for me to join Him in Heaven. A glorious day!!! I also wanted to thank all of you ladies for your help with all your post. I have been able to learn alot from all of you. Here's to growing up, both in Christ and quilting. Have a wonderful Easter!!!!!
  8. Ladies, I really appreciate all your input. I can't believe all the beautiful work you both have done. Mary Beth's is a lot like the one I have with two layers of petals and a white outer section of hexs surrounds each flower. I'm not so sure I could do what Darlene has done. Now I have another question. If I quilt it like Mary Beth's, there are two, yes I said two, large borders. The inner border is a 6" gold tone and the outer border is white and 4.5". GOT ANY IDEAS!! Shana you are right!!! It is wonderful to get inspiration from all the pics we see and read about. I've not every
  9. I like the leaf idea. I could do the leaves on the outer portion of the flower. I had thought about a swirl design in each of the petals (hexigon shapes). What id you think about that?
  10. I have a customer who brought me a beautiful grandmother's flower garden quilt top with 5" borders. It was all hand pieced by her grandmother. Her hand piecing is very high quailty. I haven't a clue as to how to quilt this one. I saw one someone had posted and now I can't find the post. Could any of you give me some ideas on how to quilt this one up. I have done some custom work for her before and I know she is expecting something nice. My problem is I not real creative. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Neta
  11. I have used the Quilter's Dream and never had a pokie with it. The only reason I bought the Warm and Natural was due to the cost. It was a little cheaper than the Quilter's Dream. But believe me, I'd spend the extra to avoid the pokies. I looked at the Supplies list for needles and APQS doesn't list the 3.5 needles. I have a Millie. Would any one have advise about the 3.5 needles with Bottom Line thread. Where can I get them and do you have thread breakage with them?
  12. I just finished a quilt with pokies all over the back. It was wierd. there would be a long stretch without pokies and then the pokies would start again. After using the Sullivan's Silicone Spray could you see any affects on the quilt. Have you seen these quilts after washing them? I just want to be sure I don't damage a customers quilt by using something like that. Any experience after using it? I think I am going to try the smaller needles (3.5) to see what that will do. I've bought an entire roll of the Warm and Natural and want to see how to fix the problem. I currently use a 4.0
  13. OK Ladies, I tried the tearing method on the quilt back I was provided for a customers quilt. Now the portion I tore doesn't look square with the sides. If I tear the sides it won't be wide enough for the top. I'm thinking I need to just square the top of the back with the sides. What are your opionions?
  14. I have a questions along these lines. When I clamp a smaller quilt it seems to pull to tight? I know the clamps are only to support the quilt from the sides and to intended to pull to tightly. Do any of you have any suggestions on how to extend the reach of my clamps?:
  15. Thank you Leslie Anne. I will check it out. I have been doing work on my Millie for customers, but have done very little free hand work. Most of what I have been doing is the pantos. I wish I had the creativity some of you women have been blessed with. I need inspiration from others. I am growing and determined to get better and better. I understand it takes practice and believe me, my friends are appreciating my practice on their quilt tops. I have also purchased inexpensive fabric to quilt on and will be donating it to the Star of Hope Mission in Houston. Star of Hope is near the Ge
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