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  1. That is a phenomenal shows the destruction and power a tornado has...WOW
  2. don\'t have a clue where it was taken, received it in an email...:cool::cool::cool:
  3. Sherry, Congrats, I don\'t know you personally, but I have watched the boards and boy I am excited when you show one of your creations. Like Shana, I too am one of your "groupies"...but since Shana has claim to the number one spot, I will settle for the number two spot...Keep up the great inspire me!!!!
  4. Tracy, That is simply the best...if I didn\'t know better, I would have thought that was leather...WOW...keep up the good work...simply the best....
  5. Kathy, If Duluth is where you want to look...check out Karen McTavish. She has a web You could also check with Helen Smith Stone you can, check out the Minnesota Quilt Convention in June...that site like the others have said, you need to try out the machines...several of them...good luck
  6. Update...the stop light just down the road from is is down in the snow, snowplows are getting is said that we only received 8 inches of snow, but it is the blowing at 50 mph\'s that are upsetting the daily lives of Duluthians.
  7. Well as you probably heard, we in the northland got hit with a Blizzard. I don\'t know how much snow as of yet...the wind is howling, the snow is flying and there isn\'t a snowplow in sight. The buses aren\'t running, the mall is closed and to top it off, they canceled the local quilt "mini shop hop"...what is a quilter to do. I suppose I could work on several projects....what a concept...anywho, enjoy your day... :cool::cool:
  8. Well, I guess a better title would be Middle Aged Woman...must be that memory part...Sorry gals...
  9. I thought I would share this says it all doesn\'t it ladies.... :D:D
  10. I have that I can\'t find it, but when I do, I can\'t wait to piece it...anywho, I got mine at "Eagle Creek Quilt Shop" in Shakopee Minnesota last year. ... I do remember that it is it comes in a large white envelope...I will look for I am excited to see it again... :D:D
  11. Life Lessons from the Easter Bunny 1. Don\'t put all of your egg in one basket. 2. Walk softly and carry a big carrot. 3. Everyone needs a friend who is all ears. 4. There\'s no such thing as too much candy. 5. All work and no play can make you a basket case. 6. A cute little tail attracts a lot of attention. 7. Everyone is entitled to a bad hare day. 8. Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits. 9. Some body parts should be floppy. 10. Keep your paws off other people\'s jellybeans. 11. Good things come in small sugarcoated packages. 12. The grass is always greener in someone else\'s basket. 13. An Easter bonnet can tame even the wildest hare. 14. To show your true colors you have to come out of your shell. 15. The best things in life are still sweet and gooey. HAPPY EASTER!
  12. WOW, those are very nice....I really like to be creative when doing a log cabin... and those are just what I need.... :)
  13. Boy, that is just beautiful. I will have to give that a try ....... someday......
  14. Oh how that brings back those memories. My DD is 21, married and caused lots of grey hair. We were so excited when she got her drivers license. No more taxi service for mom, well let me tell you...she hit a parked car on the drivers side of both vehicles (her front end his rear end)...we are still trying to figure that one out. She got pulled over for speeding on a stretch of road that is about 1/4 of mile going 55 in a 20 and there are more stories, but I don\'t think I have time. When she graduated with a 1.7, we were soooo excited, I have the picture of her getting her diploma right next to her grad picture. (Yes, we probably shouldn\'t have allowed her to drive with those bad grades, but ....well there is an explanation, but I don\'t have the space.) MY DS on the other hand is an excellent driver...well at least that is what we have observed and heard from people that have followed him. He is by the way 16 gong on 27 with a 4.0...I will be getting grey hair from him worried about him studying too much and not getting out and enjoying himself with all of his friends.
  15. Darc, Welcome....I live up in the "North Land" or the almost the "Ice Box" of Minnesota...maybe we can get together, along with Angela... ;)
  16. Joanne, Bring your warm clothes with you, it has been cold for the last couple of days...matter of fact it was 30 degree below normal yesterday week it is suppose to be warmer, highs in the upper 20 to 30\'s, but with dress warm. I am sure that Karen will have a warm pot of coffee on for you...good luck....
  17. Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, I was watching Simply Quilts yesterday morning before work and there was a lady that quilts from the back of her quilts. She uses interesting backing that has a pattern and follows that for a beautiful result. Has anyone tried that? I thought that I would give at try as I have NO artist ability and have run out of ideas to be creative....must be a creative blockage....I wonder if there is a pill for that....
  18. Joanne, March can be a very interesting month...could be snow, could be warm, could be ice, one never knows...I will let you know that you will LOVE it here. So, bring warm cloths and some cold cloths. I don\'t think that you will need long underware....but, then again.....:cool::cool:
  19. Hi Helen, Just hear about your accident...hope you and Sam are doing better...Take care... :)
  20. You can get a "rubber stamp positioner" thorugh Stampin Up, but I don\'t think that is what you all are looking for....there is no ruler attached to it...niffty idea though...
  21. Hi Teresa, I work as a Para in Duluth. We don\'t have it in our contract, but I know that insome areas, if you are threatened by something and you don\'t want to go to work, you have the option not to go to work. Working at a school can be very scary, but hang in there. Let me know how things work out...
  22. "I wanna talk about me Wanna talk about I Wanna talk about number one Oh my me my What I think, what I like, what I know, what I want, what I see I like talking about you, usually, but occassionally I wanna talk about me I wanna talk about me" Toby Keith
  23. Patty and Bill ((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))) and prayers.....
  24. Hi Patty, After opening those individuals names, you might want to clean up your computer.....I opened a few several times and somehow they were able to send me emails about a variety of male enhancement least now, I only get one or two a clean up the computer with your spy ware updates and do a scan....