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  1. 620 that site is soooooslooooowwwww but I did it. good luck, bj
  2. Those of you trying to sharpen your own blades: My Janome guy told me to use a drop or two of sewing machine oil (we all have that on hand) on the sharpener. Worked like a charm. Smooth going!!! Helps the blade but still not like buying a new one.
  3. Great idea--keeps dust and light off threads. Once upon a time I used a cabinet like this for fat quarters. Do you know how many fats fit into a cabinet like this??? Me neither. But I 'outgrew' it. Love to collect fats! My new room in AZ is absolutely plain--no closets or cabinets. Planning and re-planning. Gathering ideas. Thanks for this one!!! BJ Tinker, transplant from Central Oregon to Buckeye, AZ
  4. Catnip--just try growing it in your garden!!! Must put a fence around it if you really want it to grow. Cats roll in it. I have been told catnip is kitty's mj weed...
  5. Grammie, I am "Gramii BJ" to my grandkids. Sattelite does not work in ICE storm, either. I know some ofTX gets some of those. Right? Put your satt. dish where you can get at it to brush off snow and ice. We learned the hard way. When we moved to the city of Bend from the woods in the mountain, we put it lower on the house instead of the roof.
  6. Greg and Sharon from Bend!!! New Train station??? Is your new shop going to be over the art station? Why haven't I met you? Would love to, though.
  7. I will be at Innovations, AND, I will be looking for all of you. I am taking Cherly, Orange Peel and I have been selected to be teachers helper to Mark's maintenance class! Any newbies going to show quilts? I am. Please don't laugh at mine!!! Wouldn't it be fun to meet and "constructive critique" our quilts? Challenging all "1 yearers" to enter quilts!!! BJ Tinker;)
  8. Wow Sherry, Will I ever be that good? Doubtful. The designing work is superb. One question for this novice quilter. Your line work--what did you use to keep lines so straight? Ruler? Hartley? what? Thanks you for teaching and sharing with all of us. BJ Tinker:D
  9. Good evening everyone! What a great seminar on business techniques--do's and don'ts. Thanks and Good luck everyone. I just quilted a shop/class sample as a "congradulations for opening" for a new shop in town and another one "for pay". They have my cards on their counter and I plan to take a class or two from them. To get to know people in their space is good. Happy Quilting;) BJ and Tinkerbell
  10. Thank you Myrna. She came to my rescue. Talked and walked me thru turning my needle and timing. Now we are truly ready to go!!! Blessings upon Myrna!!! Now I'm "Gone Quilting", BJ Tinker and TinkerBell
  11. OK everyone--HELP again. PLEASE. TinkerBell is stitching but when I speed up and go backwards she is skipping 1-3 stitches. Is it possible that the needle is not straight on enough? Or is it the total timing not quite right. Stitches are great otherwise. I have the needle slightly to the left as taught in the beginning. Going to go cook dinner now and take a break. So any help I can get thru this venue would be appreciated. OTHERWISE--I may be calling someone again tonight!!!! Look-out TinkerBell is after you!!!
  12. Whew! Thanks John, Connie, and especially Myrna. TinkerBell is stitching again. Does that mean I replaced the hook assembly, retaining finger, and timed correctly? Myrna walked me through the timing part in just the last few minutes. (60 some but whose counting at this point) That is amazing. I hope it really is just right. Everyone out there--I went from paralyzed fear to tears to screams to elated joy today. I am exhausted but will sleep better tonight, for tomorrow I can get busy on all those last minute Sisters Quilt Show quilts!!! Thanks again, BJ Tinker and TinkerBell:D
  13. The broken needle tip is wedged between 'black' bobbin casing and 'silver' outer casing and is too small a piece to grab with needlenose pliers. I have turned the flywheel by hand and at no point is the needle budging. Do I need to dismantle the whole thing? Help? And it is Sisters Quilt Show prep month!!!