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  1. Loved these - quilters are so creative!

    My particular favourite is "Quilt Junkie's ladder". I need to show that to my husband so that he can make me one. :)

    Then I will wait a couple of weeks while he does nothing about it. :(

    Then I will go out and buy what I think it needs to make one. :)

    At that stage he will tell me that he was GOING to do it and I shouldn't nag .... though I haven't said a word about it. :mad:

    Then I will wait a day or two (or maybe a little longer if I am busy doing other stuff), and finally I will get out the tool box and make it myself! ;)

    I can see already how useful it will be!! :cool: Thanks for the great ideas

  2. My Guild is full of old Crows too :(- though some of them are quite cheery! They definitely tend to consider themselves, and their quilts, as superior just because they do it all by hand! Some of their stuff is beautiful - but it would be just as beautiful, may be even MORE beautiful if it was done by machine - and it would be ready so much sooner!:)

    Also - I would never have considered entering a Quilt in to a BIG Quilt show, until I went to Birmingham last year. I am going to say it is the biggest Quilt Show in UK - but somebody may tell me different! I loved looking at the quilts - all of them!! But I was amazed by the standard of sewing on some of them! Not that I objected to it - I didn't and I wouldn't! Only that I personally wouldn't have considered entering something with some of the issues that I could see! So - now that I have seen that I am definitely thinking about entering something.....maybe next year!!:)

  3. Sorry - got carried away and posted too early!!

    I hope that somebody may be able to help!

    I live in France - with my Millennium - and I am interested in the BLISS system. But it is a lot of $$'s to spend without giving it a try.

    However, we are visiting family near Washington DC (Chevy Chase) for Christmas. :D

    I know it isn't great timing as everybody will be busy with the holidays (!!!) - but I wonder if there is anybody nearby with a BLISS system that I could try!:)

    We arrive on December 17th and leave on New Year's Eve :((so that we can get the children back in school on time!)

    I really hope to hear from somebody who can help

    Thanks so much


  4. Originally posted by Judi

    These are my favs so far... have a guestion here - the package with the Aunt Grace FQ says "Friends Around the World" anyone know a good pattern for that???

    Isn't there a pattern called something similar - "Hands around the world" or, I Googled it - "Trip around the World" Maybe that isn't "fancy" enough - but if the fabrics are really cute then maybe it would be good to keep pieces reasonably large!!

    Perhaps it won't work iwth a FQ set though!!

    Hope that the Chemo will do it's stuff and that your friend will have plenty more time for quilt making!!

  5. Originally posted by Calicoquilter

    Getting him to stop at quilt shops is another matter altogether. Sometimes he will, sometimes not. Once when we were driving through northern Wisconsin I mentioned that we were nearing a quilt shop. As we passed the store, I said "There it is!" About a mile down the road he said "Oh, did you want to stop?" :D

    Wow - my husband does that when I want a "comfort stop" - and I haven't yet found a way to solve the problem!!!! :P

  6. The spiral slinky thing in the black triangles looks great!! I like the bright spikes of the compass, but I find the interior blue and green circles hard to think through!! I think I would do "stoning" - like "pebbling" only larger - in both those circles to join them all together! It is a tough one!! :(

    Could you "borrow" the same designs as you used in a different Mariner's Compass? :) After all the design is the same, it is just the colours that are throwing everyone off!!

  7. I can see how a mathematical plan seems appealing, but if two of the fabrics are similar so you want to keep them apart, it sounds to me as if you will have to go for the "How does this look?" method of arranging blocks!!!

    However, if you want to stick with the Sudoko theme, why not add in the extra fabrics that you mentioned - thus giving you 10 fabrics, but count the two that are similar as one. That would give you nine options. Then you could arrange them following a completed Sudoko.

    If you organised them according to the outside colours that would probably work better. Your difficulty would be making sure that you don't have too many identical centres. That would have to be done by eye I think. Alternatively it would be a maths problem that is beyond my level!!

    Hope that helps - and I look forward to seeing photos of the finished quilt!!:)

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