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  1. Love the simple patterns you used. Make the quilt look sophisticated!
  2. My heart is sad that this young couple has to go through this. Prayers are definitely going up for them and all the family.
  3. Great job on both of them Sheri and MB, what a good friend she is. Now they are both very special for you.
  4. I too wish you are a winner at the show. My fav is the elephant - it is marvoulous as I'm a purple girl And I love the northern lights as well. I have spent time in Northern Idaho (Priest Lake) and loved seeing the northern lights frequently. Great job on all three.
  5. I love the bunnies with crossed ears. Wishes for healthy babies?
  6. You've done a beautiful job in making this quilt georgous and possibly be handed down to family members. Your feathers certainly fill the quilt great!
  7. Life happens at some most inopportune times. Sorry about all the illnesses but it will hopefully be better next time you're all together. I'm glad you were able to get back 'in the saddle' again. Happy quilting!
  8. Beautiful quilt pattern and fabric choices. And making three of them, kudos to you!
  9. Every quilt teaches us something.....mostly to slow down and check everything before I get started stitching. I need a big sign that says SLOW DOWN in my quilt room. Maybe that would help me! I do feel your pain .
  10. I use the magnet bars (4 of them) on my bars to float tops, or reattach a quilt when you see you missed a small spot and need to stitch it quickly. I have a 2006 Millie and I've not noticed any problems having the magnetic bars close to the machine.
  11. Your Psalm Rose quilt is very cute (and I like the name as well). The wavy lines with circles is very contemporary looking
  12. Thanks all. I put the quilt together last fall at a quilt retreat (I made 2 tops at the same time) as I knew of one baby quilt I was going to need. Then I found out about this little one coming so finished this one with the border fabric and got it quilted pretty simply. It did go together pretty fast. I have another one using this pattern to be made with batiks and black sashing. It may end up on my bed!
  13. This small quilt is a gift for a new mom to be's baby shower next weekend. I've known this lady for about 25 years since she was about 12. It took her a long time to meet Mr Right and now they are expecting their first - a little boy. This pattern is a MSQC and is in the tutorials. 2 charm packs used with poly blend batt and glide threads.
  14. Love this pattern. Beautiful MB. You haven't lost your touch in making a quilt sing
  15. Thanks for all the responses. Linda, I'm going to have to learn right along with you. It's all new to me as well. I was on here from 2006 until about 2010 pretty faithfully but after my hubby passed, I went back to work for awhile and more life happened to keep me off of here. I still have my Millie but I don't do that many quilts anymore but I will,post pics of what I do when I'm finished with one. I'm now living in a manufactured home park and bout my home because the family room was big enough for my APQS and I have one of the small bedrooms for my sewing room. Going back to learning how to manouver through the forum,I tried to change my info a bit and can't seem to get my old email off of here. I have a new email so if someone can help my tired brain how to change it I would appreciate it for sure.
  16. It's been a long time since I was on the forum. Life just got in the way, but now I'm ready to spend time here and get to know the newer users and to get reacquainted with those who will hopefully remember me.