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  1. Glad to hear that the "Girl" is up and ready to go. And yes, Chris is a great guy - so supportive and can even talk quilting!!! My DH gets lost in some of the terminology, but he's learning! Take care
  2. Sounds like the quilt maffia. They wanted to own a piece of you & your talent. Too bad that some people are like that & how did they sleep at night? I wouldn't have been able to keep all of that a secret because I'm the type of person that if you ask me a question, I'll tell you the answer to the best of my ability. What a pressure cooker you were in. I can see why you are feeling so "free" now. As soon as you get your site up, let us know. I would love to see some of your work.
  3. I knew that this site was valuable the first time that I came here. Not only do you get encouraged when your down, inspired by what others are doing, but you learn from others mistakes as well. Patty, I know that your experience will help others (like me) who do have a hydrolic stool under her machine as I write this. I am going to go into my studio right now and move it. Thank you for your post, it will save me some more gray hair to try and cover up!!
  4. Thanks for all your kind words. I know that we are our own worst enemies, so I thought long and hard before exposing this to all of you experienced LAr's. But then, I know that we all have to start somewhere.
  5. I chose an APQS because the very first time I tried it, it moved so easily and others seemed so much harder to move around. I have artheritis in my shoulders and hands so it had to be easy to move or I wouldn't even have considered it. I can steer it with only a couple of fingers on the handles. Love it, Love it, Love it
  6. All the stitching is freehand. Also, the batting that she brought was a "donation" to our group and very puffy, so I think that had something to do with the problem as well.
  7. Well, I'm going to bite the bullet and try a post a couple of pictures of my first donation quilt. A friend from my church quilt group stitched this top. She fused the little critters on and then satin stitched around the fusing. When I got finished with what she suggested, the little critters were pooching up and it was not attractive. I convinced her to let me stitch around the little critters and then an echo line on the inside of the satin stitch. I think it helped, but is there anything else any of you could share with me if I encounter this again? Anyway, here goes.....
  8. Q-fairy - Wonderful, Wonderful - I got goose bumps!!! Thanks for posting the pics. I love to see all of the work that all of you do. Great Inspiration!
  9. Great job Geraldine....You just gave all of us newbies a boost to keep going. Thanks
  10. Beautiful - I also like the pebble look & colors. I love to see what everyone is doing. Thanks
  11. Great job. I want to do a whole cloth one of these days also. I'm still a newby on my machine, so practice, practice, etc...then I'll try one!
  12. Just got my Milli set up today and named her Y.G.G. for "You Go Girl".
  13. This site is so great with all the good advice. I'm new here and am really enjoying hearing all the tips that you all have shared. Someday, I too hope to have a back log and Darlene, I think your idea is great. I don't have a very big studio either and that was one of my concerns when I started getting my name out and the to-be-quilted stack would attack me every time I walked in the room.. My machine was just delivered today and is still in boxes. I'm eagerly awaiting getting it put up so I can start in this quilting adventure.
  14. I hope that when my milli gets here I can do half as well as you did. Great job. PattyJo
  15. Hello all - I also am a newby who hasn't met her Millie, but will this next week. Can hardly wait. I think that I would like to go to Innovations, but I'm sooo new that I don't even know what it is or how to find out about it. Could someone help me out with a web site to go to? Also, I would be willing to split some costs and share a room and even transportation from the Willamette Valley area. Is there anyone out there interested in that? My DH says I don't snore!!! Thanks for any help. PattyJo:D