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  1. Thanks for all the we are off for PreOp tests and to admitting to get pre-registered.
  2. I haven't been on here much as there has been quite a bit going on in my life. My new hubby, George was in a roll over accident the first of November. The car was totaled but thankfully no one was hurt. He blacked out and rolled the car end for end and landed next to a tree! After all the tests done at the hospital, the Dr's determined that a valve was needing to be replaced. He goes into the hospital on Tuesday for that surgery and we would really appreciate prayers for a good outcome, quick healing, etc..... We haven't celebrated our first anniversary yet, and hopefully we will next Ma
  3. Welcome to the chat Sharon. Looking forward to seeing you here often.
  4. Glad to see you back on the chat Liam. But sorry to hear that your schedule is soooo fullll. Mine has been as well, not with work, but with life. Hope that this doesn't go on forever for you.
  5. This happened to me as well and fortunately, my customer was a jewel to work with. Her comment was "It's only a quilt" and told me not to worry about it. I did get most of it out but you could find it if you knew where to look. I used oxy clean and that worked the best for me.
  6. I'm finally done with the quilting projects for this Christmas and the last quilt is one that I pieced and quilted for my DS and DIL. It's from the book, Surprisingly Simple Quilts from Austrailia Patchwork and Quilting Magizine and is called "Jam Stars" beause the one pictured in the book was made with fruity colors. I used fall & earthy tones for the most part so maybe mine should be called something different. I also used a 100% Bamboo batt from Winline and it is so soft and I didn't have any issues at all with this very cozy batt and I used Glide thread and Magna Bobbins. I tried a
  7. Oh Connie, I'm so sorry about your sister. I will be praying for her and all who love her. My choices for DVD's are all mentioned above so I won't repeat them, but the thing that I did and still do is use a small dry erase board and the small ones are about 8" x 10" and fit into a tote if your out of the house. When my husband was in chemo and radiation, I would take that along with me and doodle and you can use a tissue to erase and keep drawing. One thing that I could also add is to use your whole arm while doodling, not just wrist action and it transfers so much easier to your longarm
  8. Cathy H -- We are a group that are mostly centered around Portland Oregon. We have members as far north as Olympia and as far south as the Eugene area. If you ever want to come up for a meeting, I know that you would be more than welcome. Our next meeting is Feb. 23rd at Linda Rech's home in Olympia.
  9. Just totally amazing quilting. Placement of design, matching the feel of the applique, so precise - on and on.....Magnificent
  10. If we could post pics like we used to be able to on the old forum, then I think you would see all the pics that were taken. But because there is such a limited amount of space allowed to each of us, I know that I don't want to use mine up!
  11. Thank you Bekah and Miguel for allowing us to decend on your home for our "quilt family reunion". What a noisy bunch we are!!!! But what fun we have. Great to see the Quilt Path in action....makes me go hmmmmmmmm! And Barb has an A+ rating in my book and is the bestest you could get to promote the QP.
  12. I belong to a buying group simular to "Groupon" called Brad's deals and this was offered through them. It was from the following website. I did get a bit of a better deal on price, but this still isn't a bad deal. The light is super bright and is what I need to see well. Here is the web address:
  13. I just got this new little light hoping that I would be better able to check the back of the quilt. It's great! The light is bright enough that I can see the detail of the stitching so that I'm sure that I won't be frogging it out latter. And you can have it either a full square filled with light, or just the end will light up. Great handy hook on the back to store it with. All around good little gadget and works so much better than a flashlight. I got several of these and one will go into the car and a couple for gifts. The pics were taken with no overhead light so that you can see the
  14. This is simular to when my co-worker from Quilter's Rule had her trailer stolen the day before set up in Tucson, AZ a couple of years ago. The police told her that probably all items inside the trailer were probably dumped in the desert and the trailer was across the border within an hour of the theft. To my knowlege, nothing was ever found. The trailer also had quilts that were for display and all the inventory that quilter;s rule takes to a show. The theifs just want the trailer. That's why I bought a locking wheel boot for mine But then I'm a long way from the border too.
  15. I agree with everyone - your feathers are beautiful.. My question is - How did you get your pictures to appear so big? I don't like having to click on the small pics to get them to enlarge so you can see the quilting and yours came out large to start with and you were able to post 3 of them!!! HOW did you do that????
  16. Good job missy - your quilting is perfect for Art Deco-ish! WAY TO GO
  17. OK - I put it on my calendar and will plan to be there. See all the Moxies then. :wub:
  18. Very nice and so different. I really like all your ruler work.
  19. Well, how about that, I actually posted 2 pictures in one post -
  20. This quilt was made for my friend's (who I gave a memorial wall hanging to in July) sister. She saw the one I made for my friend and when she found out there were still some hankys left, she commissioned me to do another one. I'm going to try and post a picture and see if it shows up.....this new forum still seems very ackward to me. There are still a couple of hanky left so I'll be making one more for my friends daughter out of them. Thanks for looking - I think!!!
  21. Linda - you could quilt the world up pretty with that much thread!!! You will have to bring your book to the next Moxie meeting. And do we know when that will be? Was that discussed at Lynda's last summer???
  22. Your still showing as my friend. But I agree with Linda s......aren't we all friends?
  23. Cheri - What good news for you and when my hubby was going through all of his health issues, this APQS forum was my sanity many times. This truely a very special group of people and I also believe that the prayer warriors that are on here are amazing men & women. I'm so glad that you are going to have more time.....Enjoy every min and live life to the fullest that you can. In His hand Pat
  24. what wonderful news. A happy day for dancing for sure