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  1. What a good baby shower gift! You did an awesome job
  2. Very nice Linda. You did make that a pecial quilt for your customer's sis.
  3. once agaian, Thursday came and went and I forgot to get on here - - - - I think I'm too busy for my own good. I've been working on 2 small baby quilts that are going to be donated to an organization that serves young families that need a little help. These are made from a panel that I got from Lynda Newell at our last Moxie meeting. I've added borders and backing and I'm almost finished with the binding on the 2nd one. Here is a pic of them.....
  4. Good article on you Joann - and you give good advise for those newby's!
  5. Beautiful job Connie. Love all the ruler work (you nailed that by the way) and a great pattern for your son.
  6. Congrats Ardel and Roger too. I agree with all the others in saying how neat it is to have your daughter now living close to you. I wish you great success in both of the businesses.
  7. Yesterday! Totally forgot it was Thursday, but remembered it this morning when I went back to do the last pass on this "Dragon" quilt for a customer's nephew. This is his "go to college" quilt that he picked out the fabrics for. Doing flames over all but the blocks and I put a circle in the middle with flames spreading out over the stack & whack block. It's going quick, but this isn't my taste at all! I hope that he will like it. It is so much fun to look at all the things that others are doing and Oma, I love your door too. All the quilts - well, it's like going to a quilt show, and Linda R, that Desert Star is beautiful. I'm sure that your customer will love it.
  8. thank you all for your kind remarks. To have my peer's say such nice things, makes my heart humble. Thank you
  9. OK, got the dark center in a light so that my camera could pick up the thin "So Fine" thread. Here it is Thanks again for all the very nice compliments
  10. Joanne, beautiful thread painting. I've done a bit of this, but your pics have again inspired me to get some more fabric out of the stash and just play. Thanks for posting the inspiration.
  11. Thank you everyone. I did use the Nautalus Long Tail to mark parts of my spine. I used the Heat Erasable pen to mark as I went. Because I "couldn't" rip out on this fabric cause it showed too much, I marked everything first then I stitched it out. I just "eyeballed" where the markings went and a lot of the marks were freehand to connect to areas. For the dark centers, I used a 7" circle template and filled the inside and outside of the circle with leaves and viny tendrals. The dark areas were regular cotton fabric, so I didn't do any markings in the them. I'll try again to get a good pic of the centers. You are all too kind. I've been practicing the bump bump feathers for the past 2 years at quilt shows demo'ing the Nautalus tools for people, so PPP really does help. Get a dry erase board for the PPP part. Plus several hours watching DVD's from the Diva's that make them look so easy. After awhile, it all seemed to click into my brain and now, I do find them easier to do than the individual ones. Plus, getting them to fit together so nice is much easier.
  12. Thanks Dell. Lucy supplied the batting and it was a poly bat, probably soft and bright by Warm Comany as this is what she has used before. Also the pink fabric is a polished cotton and the back was a flannel, so that polished cotton really helps define the stitching. She was just here and she is very pleased with how it came out.
  13. I finished Lucy's quilt and am glad that it is done. I used So Fine on top with Glide Magna bobbin. I got this started on Thursday and finished it this afternoon. Here are some pics
  14. I also like the contrasting thread. And as Linda R said, it's like an overlay of thread (almost like a lace) over the straight line piecing in the quilt. I think your stitching makes that quilt - Keep going Queenie, it's a good thing.
  15. Oma, I'm hoping that today will be WAY BETTER than yesterday for you and that all turns out ok.
  16. I like your idea Linda. If we are quilting, attach a pic, if we are gardenng, attach a pic, if we have kids or grandkids, you get the idea. Every Thursday is check in day - OK, are you all on board?:cool:
  17. I took a lunch break and got my 3 hanging pots dead headed, got dinner meat marinating, made a couple of phone calls, and then got back on the quilt. I'm easily distracted!!!
  18. Today hasn't been as productive as I had hoped, but I am getting some done on a quilt so thought I would post an in process picture of it. I sent her this pic to her phone and within 1 min, she called me back to say she loved it. I hope that you do to. Here is the pic and thanks for looking.
  19. You always you give us such good ideas. Thanks for posting this one!
  20. That is so cute and your e2e around the bunny is great and really fits this quilt.
  21. Beautiful Boni. You and your Statler made that quilt sing;)
  22. Thank you everyone for the kind words. This was a joy to work on. Even after 3 years, I could still smell Eunice's cologne on them. She was a wonderful lady who loved everyone she came into contact with. And I know that I'll see her again when the Lord calls me home. Carol, I used spray baste (cause you can reposition a bit) and then layed them onto a piece of muslin to stabilize. After all were in the right place, I stitched with my DM around each part of a hanky then added the borders, then quilted. Very easy. I saw this on "Simply Quilts" a number of years ago, and thought of that show when my friend had all her mom's hankies after she passed. I'm working on the binding over this next weekend and my friend will get it next week. I'm excited to see if she likes it or not.
  23. This is a hanky quilt made for a friend. These were her mom's hankys and she passed away 3 yrs ago and I finally got it put together at Barb Mayfield's LA retreat and just finished quilting it tonight....The lighting isn't very good, but here are a few pics anyway. Thanks for looking.