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  1. I have a $10 thread charge which includes the first 3 bobbins, then $1.50 per bobbin over the 3 that are included. That way, I feel that I'm making a bit on the thread and the bobbins are covered as well. Also, I do have a $50 minimum.
  2. Love your quilting. The glide tans and browns all looks almost metalic but so easy to use on our machines. Great job and I agree - pedicures are the best .
  3. Well, I was able to get to the Moxie meeting after all. Show and tell started with Linda Rech showing us 2 pieces of antique linens that she marked and I'm sure will appear here when she finishes them - but unfortunately, my pictures of them didn't turn out very well, so if anyone else's pictures come out, please post them. Here are a few that did turn out. This sweet quilt was quilted by Cindy This one was pieced by our 2nd Cindy there and done while she had a shattered wrist!!!! Nothing stops us quilters...... And then while Shar was recooping from knee surgery, she piced th
  4. The retreat was a great success for sure. And APQS made it possible by letting us use those machines. Barb and Shar did a good job of finding the venue which was beautiful and the lodge hosts were so good to work with. I enjoyed meeting so many new friends while I was there. All the door prizes were so generously given and everyone enjoyed their prizes. Thanks again to APQS for helping Barb do a super job planning and putting on such a great retreat.:)
  5. I agree with Linda R - I can't turn a pigs ear into a silk purse. I don't measure for square until it is on the machine. Mark the edges with some snap on clamps over the top bar and then try and keep it as close to those clamps as possible as I quilt down the quilt. This works 90% of the time. And there have been a few un-square quilts from time to time, but from a gal who doesn't seem to care when I point it out to her.
  6. Wish I was going to be at the Moxie's to see this in person. I love the black, white and pink. Reminds me of the 50's & 60's decor. Very nice job once again Lynda.
  7. What a beautiful job. You've another notch to carve in your Millie! LOL;)
  8. Dustee, Quilters Rule has the Nautus rulers and you can get them on line or at quilt shows of one of their contractors is vending there. When I first started using these rulers, I would trace around them and them stitch on the line. In fact I've sold these to hand quilters and domestic machine quilters and that is what they do. So all quilters can use these wonderful Nautilus tools Thank you all for your kind words. And Lucy loved her quilt too.
  9. I'm guilty as charged. After demo'ing them at quilt shows for over 2 years, I love them all. They even have a "pentagon" one and diamond shapes and squares too. Not just circles! You can check them out at
  10. Bonnie - there are several Nautilus spiral tools and they all can work together. The Chunky tool has the most open one that I have so that you can get some nice sized feathers, spikey things, leaves etc stitched inside the curl. The Long Tail and the Baby Long tail are both very useful as the tail on them can help you to either stretch out or shrink up your spine according to the length of a border. The small Feather Tool is great for small borders too. There is a newer one that I don't have and I may have to order one myself and that is a larger oval shaped too. It looks like it would be
  11. Linda, the dark part of the quilt was done in a ferny spiky way. It didn't really show up well in the pics as the thread was so close to most of the colors. You can kind of see it in the last picture by the center curl picture.
  12. I just finished this one and thought I would share some pics of it. Some of you in the NW know my helper while doing shows for Quilter's Rule and this is her quilt. Now that we aren't doing shows any longer, she actually has time to make some quilts. Here are a couple of pictures..... The feathers were made using the "Chunky Nautilus Tool" that you can get through Quilter's Rule. I don't normally have this wide oa border and that tool works great to lay down a large spine so that you can fill the space. And the last one thanks for looking
  13. Your sprials are great. Are you going to offer copies of that stencil for sale?
  14. Betty looks like a full flegged quilter with her standing next to her quilt with that smile on her face and being pleased with her quilter! If she is barely 5' tall, those must be 12" blocks!
  15. Hi Ardelle - Just tried and it worked fine. Love your blog and your shop site. Roger is an expert on these Judy Neimeier patterns and I've told DH about the fact that he too could be a good quilt piecer and maybe we should come up to Alberta to take some lessons. What fun we could have!
  16. what a good looking quilt. I can see why you got the 2nd from Peoples Choice. I hope that this will help raise a lot of money for the kids.
  17. Very nice job on this one. You're right - you should be proud.
  18. Very nice graduation quilt and you helped make it very special.
  19. Beautiful job Linda. So glad I got to see this on person. The two of you make a great team;)
  20. Oooooooooh La La - Love them all. Thanks for sharing Myrna:cool:
  21. Good golly miss Linda - this has to go into my fav's - a show stopper for the piecing and for the quilting. You and your customer make a good show stopping team! :P:P:P:P