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  1. Wowzerz Linda, that is beautiful. You can see the time and effort that piecing that took. Can't wait to see the closeup's;):cool:
  2. Oh you are so right! No one asked me to proof read for them either. LOL!!!:cool:
  3. Suzanne, I didn't know there was a humility triangle, so you'll have to spill it! I looked back at the pics and don't see it........But then that doesn't mean anything LOL
  4. This quilt was finished a couple of weeks back, but just getting the pics out of the camera. My customer finished this top a few years ago and just found it (I've never done that before LOL). Lots of cc's and she loved the way it turned out. Here are a few pics........ and the last one - I had an issue with a few pokies (different batt - not in package so not sure of the brand and neither was she) so had put the whole finished quilt in the dryer to tumble with a damp towel. It helped some but she didn't care - whew! But that is why it is a bit wrinkled! Thanks for looking.
  5. PTL - Great News Lucy- - - - Now get on with healing that elbow and living your life.
  6. thanks everyone for all your nice words. I do like how it looks and I'm sure that Verla will too. I now that I will do something like this again. Love the diagonal design that it made.
  7. Way to go Ann Marie. Glad you figured it out.
  8. Beautimusssss - Your talent is amazing..
  9. I love the fabrics and that panto is perfect for this cheerful quilt....
  10. Great news Bonnie - Is she located where she could become a Moxie like you????
  11. I finally finished Verla's quilt. It came out pretty good. I was never able to overcome the dislexia on the curls, but that's ok.....Also never seemed to be able to go more than 3 blocks without a start and a stop. Saying all that, I loved the design and the method of looking at blocks differently than I had in the past. Working on the diagonal really added to the texture of the quilt. I tried to look on the back to see the design, but the back fabric is so busy that you really can't see it. I will use this idea again in the future and will use a plain back fabric so that you can see the
  12. Thanks Sheri for the call and the audio tutorial on how to do this. Was fun to hear from you and now I'm jealous that your having great weather and we had hail and lots of rain this afternoon.......Spring ------- where are you???
  13. And yesssss, I'm doing cc int he 9 patch blocks, but adding a curl in the corners (that's where the dislexia is showing up) Here is another......
  14. Ok, here is a picture of what I'm doing. I'm having problems with dislexia (sp) and so you will notice that my swirls are not all going as they should. But at this point, my swirls are just going to have to be good as I've done everything but stand on my head and at my age, that would hurt!!!! Here is the pic
  15. Actually this is a customers quilt. I call her my 80+ grandma, but she isn't related. She always tells me to do what I want to do on her quilts. It doesn't seem to matter what I do, she loves it, so I think it will be an e2e. I'm on my way to pick through my panto's now......we'll see what I end up with. I'll post a pic when I'm done.
  16. Very nice Lyn - the stitching looooks great and I can't see any tension issues at all. I used to have tension problems until I switced to Glide magna bobbins. That seems to be the trick for me and now I only use them and never wind my own anymore. Best move I've made in the tension issues.:cool::cool:
  17. You all have good ideas. I thought of that and I think I'll go and check out my pantos and see what I can find. This is my 80+ grandma who is making about 2 quilts a month so that all her grands, great grands and any future great grands will all have a quilt from her. They are all pretty simple in pattern and CC's have been my go to pattern for her quitls, but I just can't bring myself to do another one. Thanks for the ideas.
  18. I have CC'd and Terry Twisted this type of quilt to death. I'm bored with them and I would really like to do something different, but I just don't know what.......Do any of you have suggestions? My customer can't pay a lot, so simple is better for this one.
  19. Dell - I just finished a quilt with a conpanion fabric to your panel. I didn't know that there was a panel that went with it cause the shop I bought it at didn't have that part of the line. Sure wished I had seen the panel too. Would have made a cutier quilt but I don't think the baby I made it for will care! I like your quilting on it too.Just right for this quilt.
  20. I love the Quilter's Rule rope tool. But then I'm a bit biased:cool: (cause I'm used to sell them)
  21. Very nicely done. your feathers are lookin' lucious. Good for you. Keep it up!
  22. I'm so sorry about your Mom's passing. She was a beautiful woman on the outside and from what you've said, on the inside as well. May your memories give you peace and comfort in the days to come. {{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}