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  1. I just got my 2001 millennium back from the spa and there are some upgrades that I don't have info for reassembling. carriage bars; do I push them into the new holes drilled then tighten screw with Phillips. Disassembling instructs indicated using an Allen wrench does any one have basic assembly pdfs or links that can help ?
  2. I am selling my much loved APQS Millenium. Includes: hartly fence, asst rulers, templates, micro-handles, auto fabric feed, overhead lighting, 14 ft table, pantos, books and quilting stitch patterns galore. I've moved on to textile and clothing design and I just don't quilt like I used to. Machine has been well cared for and maintained. i have upgraded along the way including EZ rider wheels, the newer style channel locks and hopper bar. I paid $18,500 plus the various add-ons and library of quilting patterns and books. Asking $12,500 for everything. Machine is located in East Contr
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