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  1. I no longer use the hydraulic lift. It is great for lifting and lowering the machine if you want to alternate between standing and sitting to quilt. I used it all the time when I rented out time on the machine. Used on my APQS Liberty. Cables are long enough for a 12 foot table. It would be best if the party purchasing this item were to pick it up. The cables are very delicate and shipping would be very difficult and expensive and could possibly ruin it. Asking $1500 Thanks, Robin Kinley in North San Diego County, California
  2. I have a quilt to do with Hobbs Heirloom Premium Wool. Have never done one with wool and am reading up on it. (Finally learned my lesson, read first, quilt last!) Anyway, this batt came to me in the package and it is horribly wrinkled. Does anyone have a good method for getting them to relax, at least a little? I have it hanging over my balcony at the moment but wondered if there were other options. Something that someone has actually tried and works. Thanks! Robin
  3. Happy Quilter - Have you considered offering your machine as a rental unit at your shop? If you have the space, it could be a revenue stream for you. I used to do that and made a little money from the day-long class they had to take to learn to operate the machine, plus subsequent rental fees. Maybe one of those renters might like to buy it from you. Just a thought...
  4. Circlelord Basic for APQS Liberty - $150 or best offer. (SOLD) Back Stylus Set Crossbar Slide Arm Center Clamp Base Plate 12" Circle Sqircle - concentric circles separated by 1/16th inch Stepping Disk Set of 5 small Sqircles Large Blade Wrenches Manual Aztec - ($99 value) Aztec - Mini (80 value) Aztec Pattern booklet - Free Email me at robin@rockinrobinquilts.com if you are interested in this item. Thank you, Robin
  5. LOLOL. Ok. I'm so glad I'm not alone!! I've definitely done it more than once. Also have forgotton more than once to put the bobbin case in the machine. I have NOT however (yet) forgotten to put the bobbin in the bobbin case, but I'm sure that's coming...
  6. Is there any pattern that you can do freehand from the front so you can watch for appliques that might get "flipped" if you know what I mean?
  7. Cheryl, it takes at least 2-5 years to really get going, so don't despair! Unless you are just lucky. Be sure to add some time into your charges if you do that. What I would do since you live in a spread-out area, is to schedule all my appointments on the same day of the week, maybe once or twice a month. Then, add up all the miles you drove and time you spent on the appointments, divide it by the number of customers you had. Debbie's thought of meeting all of them at a quilt shop is good. For me, I typically pad the invoice with 30 minutes of time, since I spend about that long with the
  8. Thank you, Janette. I was beginning to get scared...LOL
  9. you take your thread cone off the machine to wind that LAST bobbin you need because you didn't wind quite enough...put the bobbin in, turn on the machine and GO. Oops, didnt put the cone back on the machine....ran out of thread in 2 seconds... But I'm sure nobody else had ever done this. (please say that's not true or I'll know for a fact I'm losing it)
  10. Wow, Dawn! Those stories were pretty funny. I'm amazed you stuck with it! I really enjoyed reading your words of wisdom. And yes, I really just needed a pep talk. I am always pretty amazed at how good most of the quilts look when they're done and I'm standing there, having hated it just minutes before, really happy with how it came out. You're right about the SR. So far, I only turn it off when I'm doing quick meanders. Guess I never said what machine I have, it's a Liberty, bought in 2005. I have Edgerider wheels. Got those ages ago. I think I probably jumped too quickly into customer
  11. Yay!! I am going to Paducah. Can't wait to see it
  12. Whew! I feel so much better. Dave-Jane you are right, and I feel the same as you. I want (and do) use a mixture of things but maybe I am impatient and things take longer than I think they should. I know better! Certainly what I have learned thus far has taken me all this time. Snowflake, I sold my BEST CL board (the Fan-Clam) when I was going to sell my machine a while back and really regret it. Now I have the CL and the Aztec and that's it. Sold my FeatherZ (that was a good one too). I don't have the $$ to re-invest in it. I ended up keeping the machine because I was laid off my job and
  13. is not planning to invest her life savings into a computerized system? Or the new "Bliss" or whatever? Is there anyone out there that still does this the old fashioned way, through practice? I guess I'm feeling a little isolated and depressed because I have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on the various and sundry gadgets and gizmos, only to get them home and realize I have no idea the best way to use them? I've gone through the Circle Lord, did pretty well with the long boards but those step things....not so much... bought Renae's Amazing Rays (got one too big and hav
  14. My machine has done that in the past. Stitching along great, then suddenly, it stops. At this point I have replaced both the Mother & Daughter boards and that helped (or at least I thought it did) but then when I started using the machine a lot, I found it happening again. I have a 2005 Liberty. The only thing I have noticed is that some of the conditions under which it happens is when I have been quilting for many hours (like all day) and sometimes the weather is very dry. (Don't know why that would matter but hey, I was grasping at straws) Have not had that happen in a long time, but
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