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  1. Connie sent you a U2U but I have a house in MI that I will be selling and it has a great room for a longarm and sewing. We have a cute quilt shop in town. Small town but close enough to large cities for everything else.
  2. Thanks for posting the cure too, it's nice to know.
  3. Debbie I told him we have to go to Alaska. I sure need a real life Shana hug, have gotten many, many cyber ones. Also need to get hugs from many others on here in person. I am looking forward to this great opportunity to get to meet as many of you as possible.
  4. It's been a long time since I have updated all of you on how things are going. Well as you can see by the pic, I got married in Vegas by Elvis to a man that I have known since I was 3. Rex and I went to school together and we great friends when we were young. Had a horrible crush on him in high school and yet still remained good friends. He moved to Texas the middle of our senior year and we lost touch till the wonder of internet we started talking about 9 years ago. Caught up more on facebook...LOL He drives truck so he hadn't realized that Marv had passed until December we were chatting and I asked him to just stay talking to me because Daniel had another seizure and I just needed to talk. He told me he gets close to where I live sometimes and would I like to meet for dinner. We did the end of January and the fireworks haven't stopped. We were married on my birthday August 14th in Vegas, the wedding started at the time of my birth. How cool is that? He is very sweet and when Daniel graduates and is in college I will go out on the truck with him and he said that if we are near any of my quilting buddies on here that we will go visit. So I need addresses because I would love to see and hug all of you. You have no idea what a true blessing each and everyone of you are.
  5. Love them, love them, love them. I went into glasses about 1 1/2 yrs ago and hated wearing them, reading sucked because you had to get your head just right with the bifocal, felt like I was behind a window and so I decided to try contacts. Fell in love with them from the get go. It only took me a couple days to adjust and now I don't even notice anything, hate taking them out.
  6. So thankful that you got great news. Thank you Lord.
  7. You bet I'll pray. Big hugs to you and himself too. Love ya!
  8. Jeanne, Many thoughts and prayers to you and your family, doctors, everyone. I know seizures are scary. My son Daniel started having them when he was 10 and his are mostly non-convulsive, so when you rush him to the hospital they think you are bringing a mentally challenged child in, it took being an angry Momma Bear to get attention. We have never discovered why he has them, some people are just prone to it. The deduction is that strep throat was the trigger and stress from his Great-Grandmother dying. She passed the day after his first seizure, we had went the night before to say goodbye. We were hoping for him to outgrow them but that hasn't occurred yet, he's 15 and had 17 seizures last year. Daniel takes 18 pills a day to help control them, yes that is a lot of meds. We have ran the gammit of testing, eeg's, mri's, heart, blood and everything that can be thought of and there are no underlying reason for him seizing. Unfortunately that is the case with most people so the next step is getting them under control. Most of the meds today are good and most don't have ill side effects but if you do you know it. The one med that did keep Daniel seizure free, Keppra, also caused panic attacks and schizophrenia at night, not good either. So he takes Trileptal 900 mg morning, 1050 mg evening (side effect, bipolar) Lamictal 250 mg morning and evening (It helps with seizures but also helps with bipolar) Dilantin 330 mg at bedtime (makes his eczema worse). He takes dealing with the seizures well, he takes it as this is what God has in store for him right now so therefore he thanks Him for it. I have an awesome son. I don't know if I have helped any but I will be praying. ~hugs~
  9. Matthew Quilten Sparrow, has a good ring to it. Doesn't matter what his name is he will be beautiful. Like I said before thanks to you and Bradie for helping to populate the world with gorgeous people.
  10. The guy that works for me has a Toshiba Thrive and he likes it, did a lot of research before getting it. Good luck.
  11. Thoughts and prayers are with you and the family.
  12. ~hugs~ thoughts and prayers for you and your family Penny.
  13. I read this book when I got away for 2 weeks to heal. The book really helped me, yes I cried but I started crying less after reading the book. It really helps if you are having a hard time dealing with death. I rarely read a book twice but this one I will.
  14. Thank you everyone for your words and that the poem gave peace to you, it helped me and I know that Marvin would think this way. I have contacted a counselor through Hospice and after the first we will be going. Our daughter Megan is really having a hard time and if you all would please keep her in prayer I would appreciate it. It still doesn't seem real and I keep waiting for the nightmare to end but it doesn't but I also keep remembering how God was so present and still is with our family. God granted Marvin a peace that no one can explain and I am so grateful for that because it gave me peace also. Hugs to all of you and Happy New Year. Oh and I have been quilting again, thank you. I will post pics soon, promise. Love,