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  1. I was so tired and burnt out with my other machine after 7 yrs, I decided I would either quit business completely, or commit for a few more years but only with a new Millie. I also decided to severely limit the number of custom quilts coming in-they were draining my creativity! I love my Millie and have been regaining my creativity. I spend half of my time on my own quilts, half on customer quilts. I pretend I am on retreat some weekends and just piece up a storm! Then I have to quilt one or two customer quilts before I can play again. Sometimes my motivator is to save up for real retreats
  2. I just discovered a free download from amy butler and you can see several really easy quilts to make, download patterns, etc: www.amybutlerdesigns.com Sue
  3. Sorry but I can't take credit for the bra quilt idea-it was one of my customers. You do have to admit it's a hoot! Maybe we should all consider doing a quilt using underwear-it would certainly stretch our imaginations. So far I like the idea of doing crazy patch using lingerie. Sue
  4. In answer to the bra quilt question-She collected various bras from her closest friends for this quilt in celebration of her 60th birthday. No they were not stuffed-she titled the quilt "My Saggy Friends" and I quilted their names in the border area (no last names). It was huge-so it was too big for a wall. I think it was just for kicks and memories-but it was fun. The stuffing would have to be added after the quilting-it was so thick just the way it was I had trouble getting it to roll!
  5. When I heard the title, underwear, it reminded me of a bra quilt I did some years ago and thought you would like to see it. I had to have the customer remove the padding from the bras before quilt it, though, because it would not fit on the rollers! Sue:D
  6. There was a chat about selecting bags for customer quilts and I can\'t find it. Does anyone remember the websites recommended for purchasing bags that were large enough to accomodate finished quilts? Sue
  7. I\'ve done up to king size on my DSM, but you should choose the thinnest cotton batting you can find, pin baste using 1" safety pins every 3-4 inches all over the layers, then gently fold the quilt til you get to the center and start there. It will NOT be easier to do this on your DSM. I quilted that way for 15 years and it\'s a pain! Another problem you will encounter is snagging the silk as you turn it for every corner as you use that walking foot. So i"m encouraging you to do this on your longarm even if you are doing SID. Sue
  8. My first machine didn\'t have one, so when I got this one,I had it installed. I use it for several reasons: tired back, trouble seeing a particular area/ design-I also change the height when doing pantos vs. in-the-ditch vs around appliques. It\'s well worth the cost! Sue
  9. Would you consider stitching a straight line in the middle of the strips going in an L shapeuntil you finish each block-it would be faster than in the ditch and probably like her grandmother would have done it by hand. Have you ever used silk thread? I think it is wonderful and it could be done in white like in hand quilting. The few silk quilts I have done were not antiques, but were just as easy as the others-mostly depends how well constructed they are and if there is any reindorcement or interfacing behind the patches. If not, you would have to be REALLY gentle with the top and not stretc
  10. I know I've read about this topic before, but can't remember if anyone found a fix for those pokies on the back where the batting shows in the needle holes. I changed my needle to a larger size because the thread kept breaking and it made the pokies. Thank heavens I discovered it after only 24 inches, but that's still plenty to fix...Help! Sue:mad:
  11. So is that an overall design or do you have to use a template? It really looks fabulous on the simple blocks-gives a nice modern touch to the whole quilt. Lovely!
  12. I've had good luck using Madeira metallic twist and use it on top as well as the back-looks fabulous that way too!
  13. I've quilted through LOTS of fusible appplique! Several quilts from Quilts by the Bay-those by McKenna Ryan(?) for their store samples and from other customers as well as my own. Depending on which fusible the customer used, most cause no trouble at all. I use a 3.0 needle and either matching thread, even metallics. Sometimes the thicker fusible causes skipped stitches, though. Go slower than normal-you're right about the holes not coming out-especially if you've made a mistake. I have another similar question for you all-have you ever quilted through photo transfers? I have a t-shirt
  14. When I sold my Gammill and bought my Millie last year, a guild member gave me 47 finished quilt tops 50" x 60" for Project Linus. I had just volunteered to be my guild's Project Linus Coordinator. Guild members quilted and tied half of them and I quilted the other half. It was a wonderful way to practice various techniques on the new machine and work out all those"bugs". By the time I had finished the charity quilts (no charge) I was ready to continue with my regular customers' quilts. I do take off the cost of quilting, thread and batting on my taxes, though. Sue
  15. You might also try regular crayons for a color match-you just heat set them using paper towels and hot iron over it. Sue
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