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  1. I dropped my Hartley ruler base on my concrete garage floor. Needless to say I am looking for a new one. Does anyone have a used one for sale? if so, please email me at Thanks
  2. DeLoa is in Louisiana. She said to email her directly ( and she will send you the instruction sheet. She also plans to get the instruction sheet up on the website so it can be downloaded as a pdf. She should be home Tuesday. Sandra
  3. Harbor Freight is having a sale this weekend. I saw a pancake compressor for $79.00.
  4. Me too Heidi! I would love to see you. Dig you DIL get the package? Sandra
  5. When I get my closet cleaned out with all the clothes, I will have room for MORE FABRIC!! Yep Meg, a lot of people see WLS as a cop-out for lazy people. You have been around me, we all know I am far from lazy! Sandra
  6. Sharon, you are exactly right! Research as much as you can. I went to two different surgeons and was not happy. I love the surgeon I chose. I don't care if I am a size 6 or 16 -- my main goal is to be healthier and to reduce and/or eliminate my meds. My daughter has a friend that had the surgery about 2 years ago and her main goal is to be a size 2. That is not a good reason to have the surgery and she still has trouble b/c she does not follow her doctors orders. It is a very personal decision and yes there are people who look down their nose at me. I just tell them that until they have educated themselves as much as I have about WLS there is no need to have a conversation with me. I get tired of just smiling and moving on. The research is showing that 78% of the people who have WLS are going into diabetes remission. This is a much better statistic then the meds. Every research but interesting.
  7. Ok, I'll let the cat out of the bag. I had weight loss surgery last Monday. Sylvia and Heidi both know about it. I have sorted my closet by size and as I go down I will get rid of the larger sizes. I will buy thrift store and probably make a few things that I can take in easily. When I get down to where I want to be I am going to buy me a few, high quality classic pieces. And then I am telling my husband I want a set of mikimoto pearls. Anyway, I am down 25 pounds and am already off 1 of my insulin medications. My other insulin (fast acting) -- I was taking about 100 units a day -- now I am doing no more than 30 units a day. I had the vertical sleeve and have not had one problem -- not even any pain pills in the hospital. I know it is a very controversial issues but for me it was really all I had left. No matter how well I followed my diet my diabetes was out of control. It took me 3 years to make the decision but now I am very glad I did.
  8. I did a king-sized bedspread and I pinned a little more than half the width on my frame. I folded the other part up accordian style and then rolled on the roller. I quilted half and then took it off and did the other half -- I did a custom design so I did not have to match any thing. I think and edge to edge would be more difficult unless it was done freehand. Hope this helps. Sandra
  9. I recommend DeLoa's book, Scraps Made to Perfection. I started using her method and love it.
  10. It is tendonitis. I have it in bicep tendon and two tendons in the back of my shoulder. I started going to physical therapy and wow did it help. I now do some stretches and exercises every day and it really helps. My sister had it so bad in her elbow that she could no longer pick up a gallon of milk. She is in PT also but she waiting so long to go that her recovery is going to be long. There are some good videos on utube for tennis elbow.