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  1. I dropped my Hartley ruler base on my concrete garage floor. Needless to say I am looking for a new one. Does anyone have a used one for sale? if so, please email me at sfguilbeau@cox.net. Thanks
  2. DeLoa is in Louisiana. She said to email her directly (deloa@deloasquiltshop.com) and she will send you the instruction sheet. She also plans to get the instruction sheet up on the website so it can be downloaded as a pdf. She should be home Tuesday. Sandra
  3. Harbor Freight is having a sale this weekend. I saw a pancake compressor for $79.00.
  4. Me too Heidi! I would love to see you. Dig you DIL get the package? Sandra
  5. When I get my closet cleaned out with all the clothes, I will have room for MORE FABRIC!! Yep Meg, a lot of people see WLS as a cop-out for lazy people. You have been around me, we all know I am far from lazy! Sandra
  6. Sharon, you are exactly right! Research as much as you can. I went to two different surgeons and was not happy. I love the surgeon I chose. I don't care if I am a size 6 or 16 -- my main goal is to be healthier and to reduce and/or eliminate my meds. My daughter has a friend that had the surgery about 2 years ago and her main goal is to be a size 2. That is not a good reason to have the surgery and she still has trouble b/c she does not follow her doctors orders. It is a very personal decision and yes there are people who look down their nose at me. I just tell them that until they ha
  7. Ok, I'll let the cat out of the bag. I had weight loss surgery last Monday. Sylvia and Heidi both know about it. I have sorted my closet by size and as I go down I will get rid of the larger sizes. I will buy thrift store and probably make a few things that I can take in easily. When I get down to where I want to be I am going to buy me a few, high quality classic pieces. And then I am telling my husband I want a set of mikimoto pearls. Anyway, I am down 25 pounds and am already off 1 of my insulin medications. My other insulin (fast acting) -- I was taking about 100 units a day -- no
  8. I did a king-sized bedspread and I pinned a little more than half the width on my frame. I folded the other part up accordian style and then rolled on the roller. I quilted half and then took it off and did the other half -- I did a custom design so I did not have to match any thing. I think and edge to edge would be more difficult unless it was done freehand. Hope this helps. Sandra
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