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  1. Very interesting topic from 3 yrs ago. Did anyone actually hook something up? I looked at the endoscopes on Amazon and that seems very interesting. If anyone out there is using it, would love to hear how it works. My longarm sewed perfectly 2 passes but then something went wonky and I proceeded to do 2 more passes that I had to totally rip out....I really do not want to do that again, am looking for an inexpensive fix!
  2. I live near a woods but dont have to worry about bears! However I do have to have baffles to keep the squirrels out. I have predator guards on all my poles and I also use mechanics grease (its nasty, put it on with an old paint stick) below that for the snakes. The wooden dowel rod is called a "spooker" and when the bluebirds lay their first egg, I put that on the house. It discourages English sparrows and house wrens. They will both destroy eggs. Only the sparrow will peck a mature bluebird to death. I also will trap sparrows (just the English kind, not the native sparrows, which are fine). If you use tube feeders with out large trays under them, it will discourage the bigger pest birds like the grackles, crows and starlings because they cant hang on to those tiny posts for long! I also use a feeder that has a "fence" surrounding it, so the little birds can get in, but the big birds are too large. I put meal worms in it for the bluebirds this year. The robins love mealworms too and they were scaring the bluebirds away from the open cup I had on the house last year. As you can tell, I am as crazy about my birds as I am about quilting!
  3. Guess it would help if I actually attached the picture...sigh...
  4. Lisa, your photo looks like an immature female eastern bluebird. I have all kinds of feeders and birdbaths. My next birdbath "want" is a ground fountain with pebbles. I make my own home made suet which I fill in a trough feeder just outside my kitchen window. I have seen Baltimore Orioles, 4 kinds of woodpeckers, titmice, chickadees, NC wren, blue and rosy breasted nuthatches and rosy breasted grosbeaks all eat that suet. I put shelled peanuts on the other side of it and they love those as well. In my seed feeders I only feed black oil sunflowers, the mixed seeds attract the BAD english sparrows who will kill other birds in a fight over nesting rights. I have 3 bluebird houses in my yard and this year and last I had nesting pair who between the 2 years have fledged over18 babies!! As soon as I clean the nest out, she re-builds and lays again! I have attached a photo of the dad last year feeding the fledglings who had yet to learn they could lean over into the cup and take the mealworms out...what a hoot watching them...
  5. Hi Terry, Congrats on the site! It looks good and lucky you to have a BIL to help you out with its creation! Picasa is the free photo sharing/storage software that is given out by Google. It looks like he linked it to a Picasa album, that is stored on Google. If you dont already have a google ID of your own, my bet is that he created an ID just for lizard quilting and you will probably need to know the ID/password to go in and edit your slideshow, upload new photos, etc. If you are at all familiar with how webshots works, its basically the same. If you have a google ID, just go log in, follow the links to Picasa and you should find it. Have fun! Jody
  6. The only disadvantage to me with this type of machine, and I looked at them a longggggg time ago before George, is that you would still need to baste all your quilts...on the floor, on the table, YUCK, thats the one thing I dislike the most about quilting, basting.... I never seem to have the right spot, the righttable, whatever and its always a struggle. SO unless I absolutely couldnt have a bigger set up, I would say go with a long or mid arm that can be set up to quilt in a chair or on a stool.
  7. [Hi Linda, I dont have to baste all my quilts anymore, but there are some circumstances when it might be better to do would you handle a queen size or better to spray baste? I tried it one time and almost basted myself in the quilt sandwich... I had the Sullivans spray,maybe change sprays? Jody quote]Originally posted by (name removed) Hi Kathy~ Yes you need to baste, the best thing that I have found for basting is the fusible Hobbs 80/20. Quick, clean & no sticky over spray.
  8. Thank you all for the ideas! I love the classical music internet site someone suggested and I am listening to it right now. I also love smooth jazz to quilt with. I love all types of music too except really hard rock and rap stuff. I even like some of the hip hop I hear, but not to quilt by I rarely use my radio in car for anything but books, but for some reason, maybe because there are so many other distractions, at home, I cant listen to the books on cd, unless I give it my total attention. I love it for long driving trips! My old library used to be a member of the net library where I could download books, but they discontinued the service there and my new library is not a member either, that option I sorely miss!
  9. May we please buy a ticket?? OMG...the last applique raffle quilt I put in a $1 for was the one I WON...maybe lightening can strike TWICE??? As I said then, I will say again, " I would have to WIN one, I for sure would am not talented enough to MAKE one like this!" Jody
  10. DUH read the posts Jody!!! LOL Sorry girls, I see others have mentioned AM Heros too... ::::: Waving to Charlotte and Scq ::::::: I am like them, I cant WAIT til I can tell Sue, I will do tops on the machine to finish thm out! Jody
  11. Hi, My small quilt guild has donated, so far 21 quilts/tops to the American Hero Project. It is run by Sue Nebeker out of Vashon, WA and all the quilts go to the Madigan Medical Center. Sue is not connected directly with QOV, and QOV seems to get allot more publicity and attention in the media, which is GREAT, but with your group being in Washington already, it might be more productive to check with her. You can read about it on this link: You can see the quilts we have donated so far (5more coming) on this link: As with QOV, they will take anything, the need is soooo great and growing every day. Blocks, fabric, batting, quilting time on your long arm, whatever. If you email me privately, I can forward some of the letters I have received from Sue to give you more specifics about this project. Thanks for asking~I didnt start out as being a champion of this project, but after dealing with her and hearing the numbers of quilts needed, it kinda grew, now I am trying to get the word out whenever I can. Jody
  12. Hi Jennifer, Connie, I am in NE Indiana..and am on the waiting list for saturdays class in Bloomington with Cynthia England. Crossing every toe, finger, and hair on my head in hope that I can get in! I am right now planning on going to the show on Friday, and if I dont get to know by the end of that day whether I get in Saturday, I will be going back to Elkhart. Otherwise, will be spending the night. If either of you are going to be there, let me know! And the stash bandits?? COME ON....I would bet you couldnt carry it
  13. :::SIGH:::: at almost a 10hr drive, I dont think sooooooooo. Maybe some day..anyone driving I could ride with or could ride with me? If I drove, I would be renting a car, since I wouldnt want to put the miles on my Jeep.
  14. All of the "babies" are just adorable...sigh..pets are what makes life tolerable....even though sometimes all you want to do is TRAIN them, rather than you being the trainee Yes, come to beautiful sunny Elkhart, where it was -20 degrees this morning...our highs for tomorrow...whalloping 5.... I love winter, I love winter, I love winterI love winter, I love winter, I love winterI love winter, I love winter, I love winterI love winter, I love winter, I love winterI love winter Jody
  15. I love this quilt and have shared the picture with a friend of mine who raises chickens...she loves all things related to chickens. I would like to know who makes the pattern as well!