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  1. I haven't been on this forum for quite a bit but I wanted to give a huge shout out for APQS Service. My Millie is a 2005. I mainly quilt for myself. After finishing a charity quilt and loading my own, my stitch regulator decided to choke. I had movement from top to bottom but not left to right or right to left. I called service and also posted a message. Angie did a wonderful job of helping me to isolate the problem. In my case, my carriage encoder went bad. It took a number of emails back and forth with me including pictures and whether the test worked or not. Angie was
  2. Nope, neither suggestion worked but thank you for the good ideas to try. The encoder wheel is moving just fine. I tried unplugged and replugging the connectors. It almost sounds like the stitch regulator is "missing". I will call in the morning. I have the utmost confidence in this machine and company. It isn't the machine that is having an issue, it is the stitch regulator. I have made repairs on this thing before. I had to pull the mother and daughter boards out and ship for repair when I thought I had accidentally blown something on one of the boards and replaced the belt with the m
  3. Hello, Last time I quilted in December, my stitch regulator behaved perfectly. Today, it is giving me fits. It seems to work fine when moving the machine back and forth (standing at the back of the machine and pushing the head toward the front and back again). Left to right or right to left is a whole other story and is the problem. It either doesn't engage even though it is beeping or produces inconsistent stitch lengths and the stitch regulator does not sound consistent either. If I go really, really fast, it seems to be fine, it is just acting up at the lower speeds which I need to
  4. I was just starting to have a few naggy type issues, Shana. I felt that it would be good to send the machine back and have it gone over. I quilt maybe one day a week but after 7 years, I am sure there could be a few things that need attention. I would rather have it professionally checked out so I know it will be right. I know the grease needs repacking, my thread cutter doesn't work, my laser light or assembly seems to have a short in it so I am sending that also. I also want the interchangeable hopping feet. All good reasons to send it back it. I bet that Amy and the Service grou
  5. I had a heck of a time getting the back axle off. I stripped the screws trying to do it. Without a husband or significant other, I relied on my good friend Phillip to bail me out. He got the stinking screws out and helped me but the machine back into the box. I have it all packed up, now I just need to get it to UPS. I need to ship it by this coming Friday for the week of January 27th. This poor guy is probably going to have to help me get it back assembled on the table. I try and do everything I can on my own but sometimes you just need help. :-p
  6. HI Bonnie, depending on what they find, about a week. I am also going to have them add the interchangeable hopping foot.
  7. Not the ending I was expecting. Very funny.
  8. After 7.5 years and simple repairs made by me, I am sending in my baby for a tune up. Not sure why this makes me so nervous but it does. I got everything done except that darn back axle. I cannot get the two stinking screws off. I think they were put on by gorillas. Fortunately, my buddy is coming over to save me. I just hope he can get them off. I know once I get my baby back, I will be happy I sent her in. Did sending your machine in make you nervous too? I swear, I can be such a stinking head case sometimes. Ugh.
  9. I dropped F&P a while ago. My mom still gets it so I just borrow hers. I would be all excited when it came and 5 minutes later I was done with it. I like The Quilt Life, Quiltmaker, Quilters Newsletter and I also get the AQS magazine once a quarter. I love quilt tops with lots of small pieces and most of what I see in magazines are quick projects. I pull out patterns that I think I might want to make and then give the magazines to friends. I like the idea of pursuing the magazines in Barnes and Noble and then putting them back if nothing grabs my attention. Gail
  10. I always save the steps even if I don't make it. That way if it is one I end up loving, I can still make it after the fact. I made Old Tobacco Road which I adore. Double Pink Delight (still needs quilting and I am not crazy about it). Roll, Roll Cotton Boll (still needs quilting). I love itty bitty pieces so I think her quilts are fun. Gail
  11. So, I don't log into the forum very often but here is my "I'm an idiot" story. My director at work gave me a quilt to do. She put the backing into the bag. It was two pieces that needed to be seamed. I am trying to remember if she told me that or not but I think she did. I go to put the backing on the machine only to discover that there is not enough backing. I call her and explain the issue. She was really puzzled as she was sure there was enough backing. We discussed it, and I added black fabric around the sides to get it big enough. After I was all done quilting and putting
  12. Hi Julie, First, take a very deep breath and let it out slowly. Is this your quilt or a customer quilt? If it is your quilt then I would do exactly what you suggested above with the patch. Quilts are normally so big, no one will notice the small repaired spot. If it is a customer quilt, call the gal and explain what happened. Hopefully she (or he) will have the matching fabric. I would also search this site for how others did repairs when they did something like this also. This too shall pass. Gail
  13. I don't wander out to this forum that often any more but Monika, I remember how excited you where when you first got your machine. You did a lot of dancing with that new baby. When I started reading this thread, I wondered if there was a way you could move your studio with you. I am so happy for you that you have decided to do just that. Good for you! Gail
  14. Truthfully, the APQS Customer Service is the primary reason I bought a Millie from them. I was just amazed at the sharing and wealth of information available on this web site. Also how many people will try and help you out on a weekend when APQS is closed and sometimes even when the machine is not an APQS longarm. That says a lot about the people on this site and the company. Carol, while tearing my machine part just about scared the pants off of me, it was exciting too. I learned a lot and as crazy as it sounds, it was kind of fun. I have about broken my hand patting myself on the b
  15. It is so nice to have my machine working again. I quilted for a couple of hours, I really missed it. I am glad that even though I was nervous having to disect my Beast, I was able to suck it up and muster through it. I was even trying to fix it in my dreams (yup, that didn't work very well). To guys, it may be no big deal but my background is computers, not mechanics. Plus I either have to go buy or borrow tools. The instructions that Amy sent me were also very, very helpful. I just kept telling myself that I could do it and just focus on the current step. Otherwise, it would have b
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