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  1. Oooooooh, how ADORABLE is that!! That minky backing was the perfect choice for texture and your quilting is fabulous. That's one lucky granddaughter!!
  2. Help! I have the magazine but I can't see how you made your version of it! I'm feeling design challenged at the moment. Would you please give your tips? Thanks!
  3. Hi Sylvia, My daughter Faith's birthday is also June 8th! She'll be 15 next year. It's also my dad's birthday. When she was born, I called him up in the US and said "Happy Birthday. You have a granddaughter & that's all you get!" Kids do say the darnedest things. I just have to remember to write them down because I'm sure I will forget! :-) Enjoy that sweetness!
  4. Hitomi, That's really beautiful! Love the colours! What was the pattern called? I'd love to make one for myself. Cheers,
  5. PS: Talking about not hearing accents in yourself. My ex (a New Yorker from Westchester) said he doesn't have an accent (he most certainly does) and he never could hear an accent on his dad. His father immigrated from Italy in the 1920's and after 70-odd years in the US, STILL sounded like he stepped off the boat yesterday!
  6. Oh, too funny! Born and raised in SC, my accent is softer than the Regal Ones and Redneck isn't allowed but most definitely Southern. After 10 years being around a British accent, some people can't tell whether I'm British or American. My British friends tell me I don't really sound British but my American family & friends say I don't sound American either! It's further complicated by the mix of proper English & American speech. I guess I'm in the verbally conflicted boat with Carrie.
  7. Leslie, what makes fair food better is that YOU didn't have to make it! My DBF says he doesn't know what to make us for dinner sometimes & my response is I don't care if it's beans on toast, just so long as I don't have to make it. Lyn, you've seriously never had a corndog? That's not a sheltered life - it's more like a deprived one. LOL Must say that I love corndogs and finally found a decent recipe to make them at home. My kids were not impressed when I told them I was not bringing home a case of frozen corndogs from the US. That space is reserved for FABRIC!
  8. Ok, I switched to manual and it seemed to get worse. I also switched back to the coloured thread in the bobbin so I could see how it would behave. Top tension is as tight as I can get it without the thread breaking. Here's what it looks like...
  9. Thanks for the advice, Lyn. This is the first time I'm trying to do small filler like this since I normally use the SR, I didn't think about turning that off. I'll be trying that tonight. My Millie is from 2006 so I don't have QG, though it sure looks like something I'd like to upgrade to. :-)
  10. I'm trying to do pebbles on a small wallhanging but I must be doing something wrong. The edges look like fishnets! The fabric is normal weight cotton, batting is very thin cotton (customer's), am using basic cotton thread on the top (no idea of the brand) and monofilament in the bobbin. Some of the curves are ok but most of them tend to look like I'm trying to do embroidered fishnets. I originally tried regular cotton in the bobbin but it was dark purple & it showed too much through the stitched holes on the white front fabric. I've adjusted the top tension both ways and at least now with mono, I can barely see bobbin thread on the straight stitches (I tested a bit with water to see that the holes close). Pebbles need to be very small (1/4" diameter). I've got the stitch regulator on, and I think the stitch length is set very small. It would be faster to do it on my dsm but I want to master this! Grrrr
  11. Way to go Linda!! I think that quilt hanger's choice is fabulous! Perhaps he could be a judge next year... We have something similar to funnel cakes here at our festivals, called Churros. Same principle but they make them into log shapes instead. Good for me to have occasionally so I don't miss the SC State Fair so much.
  12. For me, it's more about colour than a specific fabric line. Most of the time it's anything blue, preferably tonal. Also drawn to reds at times. I am presently on a purple kick. I like the mix up of batiks but some of my favourites are jewel-tones. I also love the muted tones of the late 1800s. Just depends on the day. :-)