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  1. I just did this "blocky meander" on the border of the small charity quilt and was so glad when I was done. I thought it was no fun at all, and am glad I practiced it on a charity quilt because I don't want to do it again! I can't imagine doing it on an entire quilt, but it does look lovely. Nice Job!
  2. I bought them, used them, hated them and sent them back. I like to clamp all three thicknesses, and it was not possible with this clamp.
  3. It really bugs me how, whenever a website "updates" itself, the person in charge always seems to think everything needs to be changed. What is wrong with the title/subject of "Favorites"? It is used all the time, everywhere, but the person here thought it would be so creative to change it to "Follow this topic". Did you get complaints about people not being able to find their favorites, so you had to change it? ? ?
  4. Wow ! I wouldn't have thought it was possible to quilt out that much difference between the center and the edges. Good job! I'm starting on a log cabin where the maker cut the border before making the quilt (just like the directions said) and didn't use exact 1/4 inch seams in the body so the border is a little too small, and I have been worried about that. I think maybe I can 'quilt that out'!
  5. Thanks, ladies. You all came through again. I sent her an e-mail and will update here . . .
  6. I went to a quilt show a while back where they had a clothes pin clipped to each quilt with a note to please use the clothes pin to see the back of the quilt. I'd never seen that before and thought it was a better idea than trying to track down a white gloves lady to turn the quilt.
  7. Thanks, ladies, for your suggestions. Still haven't decided what I want to do. I'm thinking of making my own fish panto. LOL.
  8. Suzanne Maas' had a delightful pattern for a quilt she called "Chain Pattern". It was advertised in Keepsake several times, and I cut out the picture but never ordered the pattern. Now I want the pattern and can't find it anywhere. Do any of you have it and would be willing to part with it?
  9. The customer wants either a fish pantograph or a water / wave panto. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!
  10. Yes, always have your name (or SOMEBODY'S NAME) on your quilts. Someone in our Guild found a quilt on the street and tried desperately to return it to its owner, but there was nothing identifying it.
  11. I think it's too busy to do an all over. SID, and I would outline the main components in each block with metallic thread. I think anything more will be too much.
  12. The reason you can't post more than one picture at a time is that in order to do so you have to have your pictures stored someplace online, like in a blog, etc.
  13. I have never figured out why pantographs have to be tubular ? ? ? I fold all mine flat when I get them before I even use them. What am I missing here?