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  1. For the cream, you could take pictures of each of bears, decrease the size to fit the cream area, quilt an outline of a bear, and stipple around the outline.
  2. No one mentioned that you might want to think about having separate bobbin cases for cotton thread and polyester thread. You will spend less time hassling with bobbin tension.
  3. Lovely quilt! Thanks for posting all the pictures. I saved every one to my hard drive under "Sampler Quilting"
  4. seakitten: As long as your guild is so small, have you thought about the idea of asking the community if they have family quilts they would share at your next show? There may be some masterpieces in non-quilter's homes.
  5. Each guild has "different vibrations." I belonged to one guild (for a while) whose vibrations were that only applique counted. If you were a piecer, your work was automatically inferior. Some guilds' vibrations are that quilt shows are only for "Sunday Best" work. I know of one guild that for more than 20 years held non-judged, non-juried Quilt Shows. They had so many entries the first year I entered (my 11 quilts!) that they ended up limiting the number of quilts each quilter could enter the next show. Then they went to a juried show (although, as it turned out, every quilt entered g
  6. First hatch 4/2/11. Second hatch 4/3/11. Third hatch 4/6/11.
  7. This is so cool! Live eagle cam in Decorah, Iowa, watching an eagle's nest 24/7. First egg laid 02/23. Eggs due to hatch April 1. another link - haven't figured out the difference between the two websites and don't have time to study it. Update: The first link above seems to be more educational and has a forum attached to it so you can ask questions, etc. The second link below doesn't. 78 views and not one comment. If nobody comments on this, it will sink into oblivion!
  8. I have deleted my posts when I discover I have put them in the wrong forum. I wish some people would learn how to delete some of their duplicate / unnecessary posts!
  9. Libby: A "juried" show means that your quilt competes with others for the right to be displayed, and a "jury" (which may be three people) decides whether or not to allow your quilt to enter the show. That's how the big deal shows work, and even some smaller shows. It's unlike a local guild where anyone can enter their quilts, even a beginner's first quilt.
  10. The first time I made something with flannel, I didn't wash it and what a mistake! I ended up having to throw it away. And if you are using flannel from more than one manufacturer, they will be woven differently and will shrink at different rates. I think you will regret it if you don't wash it first. Flannel is a different animal than regular cotton. I pre-wash everything! Before I do, however, I "square up" the fabric by clipping the selvedge at both ends (not sides!) and tearing across. Then I clip the selvedges at an angle to prevent further fraying during the wash (and remindi
  11. Heidi, does blocking work with a polyester bat (alone)? If so, I'm surprised to learn that. I didn't think anything could tame polyester after it was quilted.
  12. It's absolutely lovely. Be proud (sin that it is!) You didn't mention which batting you used, but it looks suspiciously like polyester. No matter how well laid out, basted, etc., etc., polyester just doesn't know how to lie flat. Next time use a thin 100% cotton and you'll be happier, but it's still lovely. The average viewer will think you meant it to look this way, so rejoice!
  13. Nice quilt! Lovely job of quilting. Research has shown that practically everyone likes blue and practically no one doesn't like blue, so it's such a good color for an opportunity quilt.
  14. When my machine was new and I was breaking thread every five minutes, I finally noticed that every time the thread broke, the machine re-threaded itself. So rather than just inspecting the thread path and accepting that it looks right, re-thread from the very beginning. Or, it may be that you have an entire package of bad needles. . .
  15. My niece has a website selling cute little miniature scenes with Barbie dolls, furniture, wardrobes, etc., and recently got an e-mail from a H.S. teacher who also has her own business (those of us who have actually taught don't think that would be possible timewise). She says she is using niece's photography in a Power Point Presentation for her students. Final exam is building a diorama and she has asked niece for suggestions. Niece is very excited. "It’s a H.S. teacher so unfortunately no royalty fees. All my photos are marked with my business name. Hopefully that will mean increased traf
  16. I made this from a suggestion from someone here. (Thanks, someone!) I added the washer so the spool wouldn't get caught on the "clippie do" that keeps everything on the brush. The thread has to come off the spool clockwise.
  17. Thanks for info. I've been busy and not following forum for a while, so the Boomerang is something new to me. Evidently Deloa never stops inventing. I have her applique thingy and I like it. I only remember that I saw someone's beautiful CCH and she said she had used the Judalator, and I immediately ordered one that day. That was quite a while ago, but I finally got a quilt I wanted to use it on, and it turned out so badly -- fortunately it was mine and I'm not going to tear it out, but I would have had to if it had been a customer's. Thanks, Katydids, for the tip about just lining up
  18. Is there some secret to curved cross-hatching? I can do regular CH quite well, thank you, but when I tried the curved cross hatching using the Judalator, it turned out to be a mess. I thought it would be so easy ! ! I can't get the lines to be equidistant from one row to the next with this ruler. The "instructions" leave a lot to be desired. Is there some secret that I don't know and that the instructions don't tell?
  19. If you get the message that it's too big, open the picture in your picture editor and click edit. - resize - try for 50% reduction and that usually works for me.
  20. That's the problem I had, too. If you have your pictures in subfolders, you may have to look at the titles of the folders "above" (such as Friend's Weddings) the folder you keep your pictures in. My problem was that each picture was titled "Susan's Wedding" (without the quotation marks). I had to rename each picture by omitting the apostrophe so it read Susans Wedding, and then I was able to post.
  21. I recently heard Gena Purks speak and display her beautiful quilts. Her work wins prizes all over the place. I was blown away to learn that she quilts with YLI silk thread! And she never ties and buries, she just takes tiny stitches to start and stop. I was amazed!
  22. Yes, thank you, Ardelle. I would be most appreciative of the exact inner dimensions of the drawers. It looks like the perfect solution to under-frame storage.
  23. Thanks so much for this picture. I, too, love the drawers. I went to the site, but the only measurements they give are for the box the entire unit comes in, and no information about the actual measurements of the individual drawers or the unit as set up "outside the box," (!) as it were, and without the casters. How deep is each drawer?