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  1. Just Google "wedding poetry" or "wedding quotes" and you will get a ton of websites to refer to.
  2. Thank you for your info. I now remember but had forgotten that rayon is not colorfast.
  3. I have searched for "sulky" but only get bits of information and usually it is just used in passing. Would appreciate any info you have about using it on a quilt. I'm playing with the idea of thread painting. First I'm going to practice with water soluble thread in the bobbin so I can wash it all out. And won't I be sad if it turns out wonderful right off the bat and I have to wash it out? That is probably a fantasy!
  4. Is "line dancing" another name for "continuous curves"? (CC)
  5. I learned this method when I learned to make braided wool rugs, as the strips of wool are folded like bias tape before you do the braiding. Fold the strip into position and thread it through the two pins (or place the pins after it is in position). Then iron between the pins. You can work faster if the strip is perpendicular to the edge of the ironing board. Set the iron on the strip and pull. Of course, you have to lift the iron occasionally so as not to scorch the ironing board cover. This strip was 2 1/4" wide which is wider than I usually use with this technique, but is the width I
  6. I want to thank Annie for starting this thread, and especially those who posted pictures. Such good ideas, everyone, thanks.
  7. My teacher suggested a piece of fuzzy batting pinned on the front of your chest/shoulder (where your bra strap meets your bra), and you just slap the stray threads onto that. Works wonderfully. You just have to clean them off occasionally.
  8. I cut this out from somewhere: "To remove pencil marks, according to the August issue [what year?] of Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts, suggest the following: Make a solution that is one part water, three parts rubbing alcohol, and one or two drops of Palmolive or Joy dishwashing liquid. Do not use Dawn--it may bleach out the fabric. Use a cotton swab to apply and gently scrub with a soft toothbrush. Wipe dry with a cloth. Test first before applying to your whole quilt. (I printed this from the Quiltaholics-Quilting Tips site.) " I haven't tried it.
  9. There seem to be more than one Towa Gauge out there. The best thing is to just thread the thing according to the pictures, and then experiment. King Tut works best for me at 350-400.
  10. It's about TIME you came out of hiding. We've been waiting for you!
  11. gets to be ridiculous after a couple of hours. "Now we go to West Covina" where we learn that the water in the pool sloshed and the chandeliers swung. "Now we go to Oceanside" where we learn that the water in the pool sloshed and the chandeliers swung. "Now we go to San Diego County" where we learn that the water in the pool sloshed and the chandeliers swung. "Now we go to Orange County" where we learn that the water in the pool sloshed and the chandeliers swung. On and on, over and over again with nothing new to report. They didn't even run National News on any of the three networks
  12. How would a stencil challenge work? Are we designing a stencil? Please explain.
  13. No apology necessary. In fact, a lot of unnecessary duplicate threads could be eliminated if people did a bit of lurking for a while and read several weeks worth of old posts! Welcome. This is a SUPER group.
  14. I kept hearing that Printed Treasures were the best and so I bought them, and I hate them. They are like canvas. Then someone told me that there are several different kinds of Printed Treasures, some iron-on and some not. The iron-on kind result in canvas feel. I had no idea that there was more than one kind of Printed treasures - - so do more homework than I did. The last label I made, I just backed regular fabric with freezer paper and sent it through my computer printer. It looked great even after two washes.
  15. While all machines should be able to sew equally well in all directions, the reality seems to be that (from the freehand side) these machines like to sew from left to right (and not right to left), and from "far away" towards you, not starting near your body and moving in a straight line away. I have thread problems when I sew for very long against these directions, so I make it a point to stick to those two directions.
  16. I'm seeing this for the first time as I'm going through old posts, and I thought it deserved a trip back up to the top. Didn't someone work a miracle here? ? ?
  17. Thanks to Linnea Marie for HSY (haven't started yet) which I just added, but my editing my own post doesn't take the thread back to the beginning of the list, so I'll just add this much.
  18. Gammill & APQS are both top of the line machines. The best advice I ever got was to buy whichever machine has the closest repair service! So I did!
  19. Well, I think the whole race thing is impossible, like the kind of stuff they do in the Olympics, both winter and summer. I would think the state of Alaska would be filled with lost, dead dogs and lost, dead mushers. How do they do it?
  20. Having a mirror drive means you have an extra hard drive that is identical to the drive your computer runs off. Everything that your computer needs to run on, and everything you save/every time you save, is stored on both drives. But only one is the working drive, the C:\\ drive, and because it is the working drive, it's the one that gets the virus. The mirror drive just sits in the background keeping a copy of everything but not affected by the virus because it's not the one working the computer. Hope I made that clear. That's the way I understand it. I welcome clarification (and corre
  21. I think some may be blaming Webshots prematurely. About the same time you all were writing about webshots, I got a real life computer-destroying virus while I was downloading an applique pattern of a cardinal! These vile people who create viruses design them so that reproduce themselves a million fold in ten seconds, and so that they will go all over the internet. I would have lost everything but didn't because I had a mirror drive. Ask your computer guy about it. A backup drive only has whatever you saved the last time you saved to it, and these will most likely be only what you have
  22. I "repaired" a quilt in pretty much the same condition as the first one you show by putting matching bridal tulle over it and just meander quilting it. I think there's not much else can be done to "save" a quilt at this stage in its lifetime. I think it's pretty much 90 in human years . . .
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