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  1. Oh, such joy to gaze upon the work of a master. ((How come it doesn't sound the same if I say "mistress"? ))
  2. Someone (Sharon Schamber, perhaps) has a video on You Tube where she sprays starch on the backing while she is rolling it on tightly and that takes care of the wrinkles without ironing before hand. I don't know about this method if you live in an area of high humidity.
  3. It's what we do here. We complain, we evoke pity, we bitch, we encourage, we brag. It's expected.
  4. I was so surprised when I heard a speaker say to NEVER use an air compressor to clean your machine because it can push lint/stuff into places with such force that it will never come out. I was amazed. I thought the air compressor was the be-all, end-all, and ultimate cleaning tool. Isn't it amazing that there are always different (opposite) opinions on everything in the world?
  5. It's really a matter of personal preference. I prefer pure snow white, especially for patriotic quilts with red and blue (our flag is NOT red, beige, and blue). But if you prefer beige to white as some people do, go for the tea bag! It's your quilt. Do whatever floats your boat! You don't need anyone else's permission!
  6. Here is a Single Irish Chain I did with Terri's Twists plus feathers.
  7. The titanium needles work better on my Gammill than any other needles I have used.
  8. CindyT: Lovely job of quilting. It looks to me like the fabric wasn't pre-washed and so it shrunk and the quilting lines show up nicely. However, if top top fabric was pre-shrunk it won't look like this. I think.
  9. It's gorgeous. What batting did you use that shows up so nicely through thick satin?
  10. I love Katherine Hepburn's statement, "You only need enough money to be able to say 'No'".
  11. Thermore is VERY thin, practically paper thin, and I'm not sure if there is even anything out there to compare it to. It is used for lining quilted clothing because it gives some shape to the garment, but not very much. You need to actually see it and try it in a small sample before you decide to put it into a quilt. I think it is not a good choice for a quilt. Quilting lines won't stand out in relief, and warmth-wise, the whole quilt would be about equal to three layers of cotton.
  12. Yes, the "foreigners" are very welcome here. I have a Gammill, and they don't even treat me any differently. I have gotten tons of help here, and sometimes even faster than I would be able to contact a quilting friend, because there seems to always be someone online who answers in the time it would take to dial the telephone! I am awestruck at how quickly my many questions have been answered. The only rule is that you have to share pictures of your quilts, and you're not allowed to point out any mistakes or apologize for them. (I just made up that second part myself.)
  13. Thanks one and all for suggestions, and I love this website for its bright colors. I was so happy to see the fabric I wanted that I ordered it immediately without even looking at all the other cute fabric they had! Stupid me.
  14. Barbm: Have I told you lately that I love you? Thanks heaps and loads and bunches
  15. Does anyone have any of this fabric they can sell me? It is perfect for the backing of a scrap quilt I am making, but I only have a fat quarter. I don't remember where or when I got it, but probably at least 3-4 years ago
  16. Have you tried different thread? A different spool - a different manufacturer.
  17. Exquisite! You should charge at least $.05 / square inch for this regardless of where you live in the country. This is "big girl" stuff. I have saved your pictures on my hard drive, and labeled the pictures "Exquisite Quilt".
  18. I had the bright idea that if I got some of my stuff "out of the way" by renting a storage space, I would better be able to get the rest of my house looking like someone human lived there. So I did. At the time, my (baby) sister advised me not to pay storage fees on stuff that I would eventually throw away, and I assured her I would not. Well, guess what? She was right! That's exactly what happened. I ended up renting that storage space for more than five years , and I cringe when I think about how much money I spent storing stuff that I didn't really need. Decide who can really use t
  19. I bought Deloa's as a brand new LA'er outlining my very first applique on my third practice quilt and I loved it, although sometimes a straight ruler is good. I use both and can recommend both.
  20. After the SID, you might want to think about doing a lot of echoing. I'll attach the Barns quilt I did and you can see if you like it or think it needs more quilting.
  21. Kind of quilt-related when another post ("Pounce Powder") mentioned silverfish liking spray starch in quilts. I didn't even know silverfish existed until I left the midwest and moved to California where my new residence had them. I was very surprised to move from that place and not take any with me, and have lived in several places since, and still didn't get them. But I recently got infested, and I know exactly when it happened because I saw it. I had ordered wallpaper for my new quilting room, and as I opened the box I saw one scamper out, (and they move so fast!) a pregnant female, no
  22. Several suggestions: 1- When I was young and skinny (and under 30) and teaching school, my legs would be sore from being on my feet all day long. A fellow teacher my age kept urging me to wear "support hose" for my legs. I pooh-poohed her for a long time - after all support hose were for old women and/or fat women and/or women with varicose veins and/or women who had had 10 kids, and I was so far removed from any of those categories that I wouldn't even consider her suggestion for a very long time. Plus, they were UGLY! I don't remember why I finally decided to try them, but I did, and
  23. Thanks for the link. I want to try it soon.
  24. One thing to remember is that this is not the same as naming a child on an official birth certificate for perpetuity. If you decide the name doesn't fit, change it. Some of my quilts have exotic names but most quilt names are just descriptive ("Blue Irish Chain") and are only named so that I can keep them straight in my head.
  25. Very nice job! But if you are sincere in requesting constructive criticism, the only thing that jumps out at me is that perhaps your feathers are a bit big for the size of the girl, at least as seen in the very first block. The quilting almost overpowers the girl. You might want to think about making the feathers smaller. But they are nice feathers!