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    AnnHenry got a reaction from Scraphappyquilting in Towa Gauge - Gammill Machines   
    Thanks, ladies. I still don't understand this much.
    I have had zero training on tension in my entire life. My DSM has sewn perfectly all my life, and I have NEVER had to adjust the bobbin tension. Any change I ever needed to make was always possible with the top tension, so having to fiddle with bobbin tension is an entirely new experience for me, and I don't even know how to begin.
    The only tension I fiddled with so far has been the top tension, and King Tut is working satisfactorily for now.
    I guess my biggest problem is that I don't know how to differentiate a top tension problem from a bobbin tension problem. Maybe we need to start there. Can someone explain that to me? As I said before, on my DSM I solved every problem with my top tension alone.
    Do you mean that if I tighten or loosen that tiny screw on the bobbin case, that will change the numbers the gauge gives me?
    I guess I want a chart that says "King Tut, use this setting" "So Fine, use this setting, and that chart does not exist!
    I think there are four different models of Towa depending on your bobbin size. Mine is TM-3 with its numbering system in the hundreds. The link shows a TM-1 in the 20's.
    I have many talents. This is not one of them. Pretend you are writing for a child when you explain this, please.
    Thanks to everyone for their help.
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    AnnHenry got a reaction from Anette D. in ABBREVIATIONS EXPLAINED   
    It seems appropriate to have an easily accessible list of abbreviations somewhere.
    As new ones are added, I will update this original post so that the reader only has to read this top post and not all those that follow.
    I hope I simplified things by putting them alphabetically. Thanks for all your responses.
    BFO --------------------blinding flash of the obvious
    BFSSM-----------------Bonnie\'s Fabulous Steam and Starch Method
    BTW--------------------By the way
    BUG--------------------Butt Ugly Quilt
    CC----------------------continuous curve
    CL----------------------Circle Lord
    CRS---------------------Can\'t remember s***
    DH----------------------dear hubby / husband
    DM / DSM -------------domestic sewing machine
    E2E---------------------edge to edge / pantograph
    FAQ\'s-------------------Frequently Asked Questions; a feature of this forum and almost all websites (see top banner of this page).
    Frog--------------------(quilter\'s slang) remove stitches, tear out, rip it, [ribbit, ribbit, ribbit]
    HTH----------------------Hope this helps
    HSY (list)----------------Haven\'t started yet
    IMHO--------------------In my humble opinion
    LA / LA\'er---------------longarm / longarmer
    LOL----------------------laughing out loud -- a take-off of the olden days of snail mail when one would make a funny comment and then write (Ha!Ha!) My sister kept signing her e-mails with it, thinking it meant "Lots of Love," until I had to set her straight.
    LQG----------------------local quilt guild
    MIL / SIL, etc.----------mother-in-law, sister-in-law, etc.
    NFWICQTO-------------No flipping way I can quilt this out!!!
    NQR----------------------Not Quilt/Quilting Related
    PITA----------------------pain in the a**
    PPP-----------------------practice! practice! practice!
    .....(alternate: pictures! pictures! pictures!)
    .....(alternate: pray! pray! pray!)
    QS / LQS----------------Quilt Store / Local Quilt Store
    ROFLMHO---------------Rolling on floor laughing my head off
    SAS----------------------Storm at Sea
    SBS----------------------Sunbonnet Sue
    SID-----------------------stitch in the ditch
    SOG----------------------straight of grain (as opposed to a bias border which a seminole border would be).
    SPI-----------------------Stitches per inch
    SR------------------------Stitch regulator
    TIA-----------------------Thanks in advance
    TT------------------------Terry\'s Twists (Sally Terry design)
    U2U----------------------a personal message sent between readers of this forum; see FAQ\'s
    URL ----------------------Uniform Resource Language. Computer term for a web address; the location on the web where a file or information is stored.
    WAB---------------------- Wavy a** borders
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