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  1. Judi, I\'ve upholstered a variety of chairs and couches. What you use to upholster a chair depends upon how much use it will get and also, what style of frame it has. Although it isn\'t the toughest stuff, I\'ve seen both armed chairs and sofas upholstered with what we used to call "polished" cotton. It was cotton with maybe(?) a mercerized finishing coat that added a sheen and probably some extra durability to the fabric. It was (maybe still is) a decorator fabric. Prints were usually large floral patterns with slightly shiny sheened surfaces. If your chair has an ornate wooden fra
  2. Caron- You and your friend make a great team! Take lots of photos for your portfolio...impressive work! It's easy to see that you put a lot of creative thought into the quilting pattern selections. Skill and creativity made a great quilt. WOW! WOW! Woman...You rock!
  3. I'd figure out a price per square foot. Then I'd figure out a price based upon ($) per hour based upon how long you think it will take you. Compare and also average the two results to estimate a ball park figure. Then add for backing (?), thread, etc. Maybe some fabric is too stretchy and will need fusible stabilizer. Here's a question...what if there isn't enough garment fabric...you might need to add extra time for "creative" block cutting to get enough fabric for every square...or you might need to piece blocks. Extra backing fabric could be used to get the pieced size. Just
  4. The Eurosteam does look impressive...I too have been considering buying one. The quilt show demos were awesome. I've just been waiting for some great owner reviews. I was sooo disappointed with the top of the line(?), Rowenta steam iron (with a separate water holding tank). I had planned to get one. But, both units that I used at a Sewing Expo class barely worked. So I scratched that brand off my list. Last weekend I made my very first E-Bay purchase...A mangle ironer that works! Including the gasoline used to pick it up and bring it home, it probably cost under $7.50 total!
  5. I own SEVERAL DSMs...my Grandmother's original electric Singer, a 1960's White, two PFAFFs, (including the 1222E...first DSM w/ built-in walking foot), and two Brothers (one came with my husband).These are my favorites: PFAFF 7570 - my favorite features include IDT (pin-less sewing), needle up/down, built-in stitches, and my many, many specialty feet. The only thing that PHAFFY (Pretty, Hot and Pfaffy) doesn't do well is bobbin winding...my absolutely wonderful PFAFF rep suggests pre-wound bobbins. BROTHER Pacesetter ULT2002D - WOW!!!! I know that there are some sewing snobs who think th
  6. Linda, I have a similar scissor pair, but mine has a small hook on the end of the lower blade. I use it all of the time...it even works for frog stitching!LOL;) They cut thread beautifully, but seem a little dull and maybe too tiny to cut fabric. So...they're perfect for clipping threads. I even purchased a spare pair (safely stored and still unwrapped) just encase I misplace or somehow spoil the first pair. I love that tool and (try to) hang it on a lamp beside my DSM...so I can always find it!
  7. Hi! Sewing can be expensive! Lots of gadgets are marketed and sold to make piecing and quilting tasks much easier and more precise. Everyone probably owns some terrific tools that they would not want to do without. However, they've probably also purchased some stinkers that just aren't worth buying. I was wondering if anyone would like to share what sewing or piecing tool they'd never purchase again because it didn't meet expectations, had bad directions for easy use, or seemed to be over priced because it was built too shoddy to last very long. BAD- I recently purchased an ergonomic r
  8. I thought that I posted to this...but it still isn't showing (usually pops up right away). Anyway, I really like The Border Workbook, by Janet Kime. It's full of speedy-pieced border ideas that make me think "outside of the box". My brain is wired to see things in 3D, but this book really gives me some "ah-hah" moments (sort of like the V8 commercials...without the forehead hit)! I only purchased it at JoAnn Etc. because a coupon was burning a hole in my pocket. Like normal, everything else that I needed was already on sale.:P
  9. I just checked again and the other post time corrected itself! Strange...but true.
  10. Hi- Just wondering- I made a post that is listed as posted hours later. What gives? I'm actually posting this at 9:44am CDT. I wonder what time zone is hours different from CDT.
  11. I've seen a variety of pre-made quilts in the market place. Some have been pieced using weak thread, some are puffy, some are flat, etc. Fabric, piecing and batting can certainly vary. What if you agree to look at the project in person and then decide? Maybe it's workable...maybe (probably) not. If it's a cheaply made piece, maybe the owner won't want to put too much more money into "fixing" it. The worse the problems, the more expensive the fix. Exactly what is wanted might not be as bad as you imagine. A flat "no way" might discourage future referrals. Explaining issues and potent
  12. Cheryl- I'm new to the application of the actual quilting. It'll be my first attempt at either quilting with my DSM or with a Millie rental (not sure which would be best with no prior experience). Thanks for your input. I really couldn't figure out how to pre-shrink this batting without creating a mess. I want to make my first experience as fool proof and easy as it can be. (I want control over the unknown! LOL), The 95/5 batting is made by Mountain Mist...if that means anything. I'm just hoping that I'm not starting out with a batting that would cause even experienced LA's to ha
  13. When that hairspray trick came out over 40 years ago, it was for removing ball point ink from men's white, cotton dress shirts. (Eventually, they invented "awesome" LOL pocket protectors). My grandmother soon discovered that her "good" hairspray did not work nearly as well as the inexpensive stuff. (Maybe additives get in the way). Anyway, I purchase the the least expensive with no wonderful extras! Grandma knew best!!!:P
  14. JoAnn has HERITAGE COLLECTION - 95/5 poly & wool blend batting on clearance. Price seemed good...plus an extra 10% off coupon. I purchased a couple of packaged batts for pillows and baby quilt making, etc. Also...I have never machine quilted and thought that this might work with my DSM. Does anyone know anything about this fiber mix? Do I need to pre-shrink? If so...how? (I have a front loading washer) Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated! PS: A local quilt shop sells time on their Milli. I'd like to use this batting on a practice quilt. I took a class there to learn
  15. Wow! How awsome! Wish I was there to see the big event. I'm moose crazy...have comical critter pictures, knick-knacks (?), stuffed moose, etc. in different areas of the house. People gift moose items to me. Shana, could you please email those photos to me too? Thanks! bgooby@sherbtel.net