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  1. I am sure your neighbors know you would do the same thing for them, it's a great feeling to know and the same for the quilt it's a great a good feeling when someone loves what you do for fun, and they should you do good work.TERRY NYLUND
  2. Wow I am impressed with how swiftly you are getting it done. Hope all goes well for you and the new add on, you'll be very content to have your own quilting space. Happy working, Terry
  3. Dave, it is always so fun to read all of your comments on the forum, even though I am not very active on it I have learned so much just by being a wall flower, but you have such a wit and I am glad you are going to keep her, I am sure she has her trials too,...not to mention any names ,
  4. Your quilt is devine and the hard work shows, thank you for sharing, it looks to be show quality to me!! Terry Nylund
  5. same for me I already referenced it before but was unable to see it, wondered if I pushed the wrong button or what??!
  6. for some reason I was'nt allowed to see the quilt and so want to what am I doing wrong, or did I do something wrong before not knowing I did? Thanks Terry
  7. I just recently got my 13 millie, I am in awe of your work, you can do the same you have raving talent girl, keep on , just don't be hard on yourself, you are really doing well, me I don't know how to even load the pics oh well, sure enjoy looking at everyone elses. Thanks for showing Terry Nylund
  8. wow I really do love the design would b perfect for a border, sweet!!! Terry Nylund
  9. I too love your storeroom, the design on the cutting table is a beauty, everything is so organized and clean new a dream come true!!Congratulations Terry Nylund
  10. enjoy the season,just hope we all remember the reason!! Merry Christmas and a positively splendid New Year full of inspiration and Sparkles. Sure do enjoy this forum and have used it,thanks to all, Terry Nylund
  11. I really really really love them, your girls are so lucky,what a great mom and quilter!!!Terry Nylund
  12. You have done a beautiful job not just with making the quilt but quiltilng the quilt. It is beautiful, I love this pattern and the colors you used , I love it. Terry Nylund
  13. Ann For a first custom quilt I would say you have done a wonderful job and you should be very proud of yourself!!! Terry Nylund
  14. Here is a newbie and so far I have just put the needle in backwards, but wow the things I could do!!!! I just don't want to do the cleaning rag trick that sounds like it is the ultimate worse, so I will try and remember and thank you for sharing all your boo boos. Terry
  15. shoot oh well good try and thanks for the offer wish I could even stretching them would't quite make it!!! Thanks again and God Bless you Terry
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