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  1. Thanks everyone! I'm looking forward to a new day tomorrow and hoping to figure it all out. No burrs on the plate, I checked all that when I checked for the burs. I did find that the screw just above my pig tail was rough so I gently buffed that. The only thing left for me now is possibly a hook to needle issue. I took the weekend off from sewing, my youngest (15) made it to the High School State Swim Meet this weekend and my middle son (17) had his senior night football game. I put all my sewing stress away and enjoyed my boys' accomplishments for a few days and now I'm not so stressed! I'm looking forward to figuring out this thread mystery of mine
  2. Used a brand new cone just out of the package and then switched to another cone. No change. Still breaking.
  3. wow, this forum is great and I appreciate all the help unfortunatley I still have the same problem. Changed the thread, completely rethreaded, checked for burrs (stil can't find one), I loosened all the tension and gradually tightened as soon as I got the thread without railroad tracks on the back it breaks on me. Seems to break when I'm curving to the right (facing the machine from the front). I really can't believe I'm starting my third day with frustrated.
  4. Wanda, please do send that to me! Anything at this point has to help. My email is I will also switch my thread and check again my quilt to make sure it's not to tight. Thanks so much for the help!
  5. I have played with the tension for hours and still can't seem to find the problem. I can go about 8 to 9 inches with perfect stitches top and bottom and then it will break. I have re-threaded it twice just to be sure, checked pig tails for burrs, checked the bobbin casing for burrs (can't find any) changed the needle twice. I have played with the tension like stated above making sure the tension is smooth and even still breaks....A person would think after 5 years of quilting on this machine I would have it all the tension issues figured out...NOPE! So so thankful for all your suggestions, I will keep trying and pray I can get it figured out.
  6. I have an easy quilt and panto on the machine (millie) and 15 more quilts in the waiting, so I'm a little stressed. My top thread keeps breaking and I'm so frustrated I want to cry. I have changed the needle, checked at least 6-7 times for burrs, re-threaded and checked the path, the check spring looks to be in the correct spot, I have played with the tension, the thread is kinda curled once it breaks if that helps anyone. Im using king Tut superior thread on top and so fine on the bottom (i have always used this combination). I have 100% cotton batting....the quilt is not pulled too tight... Anyone have any other ideas I can try. I'm backed up and this quilt should have been off yesterday and it looks like it wont come off today either. I'm trying to keep it cool but I really want to throw a big baby fit...
  7. I wanted to let you know that my machine is running nicely once again. I found a small burr in an area Dawn recommended checking. Took some patience and a good magnifier to find it but all is well!! Thanks again for all the help, I really appreciate it!
  8. I use Pellon's fusible interfacing and get the lightest I can find. I have made dozens of T-shirt quilts and they are one of my favorites. I have done them with basic 12 x 12 squares with sashing inbetween or ones that are all different sizes depending on the decals (this type is a little more difficult). My advice is just relax and enjoy yourself. I find it is very easy to quilt and have never had any issues.
  9. Thanks so much for all your advice, i have high hopes that today is going to be much better! I wont be able to get to my machine until later today but I will keep you posted on how it goes!!
  10. I have had my Millie now for 5 years...usually have great luck figuring out those small bumps in the road. This time I'm so frustrated, my top thread is breaking, I have changed my needle three times, checked for burs (over and over) checked guides and timing. Everything seems to be in order but it is still freying the top thread. My sister used the machine this last weekend and did bend a needle, I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas...i'm all out and behind on this custom frustrated I want to cry like a baby