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  1. The pantos have been sold and shipped today! I still have the circle lord boards and the quilting machine. Thanks
  2. Lynn...I will check...the reason why I wanted folks to make a fair offer is because I really don't know. These are my Mother's...she passed away in February of this year. I will have to look each one up separately...which I can do or someone can make a fair offer. My Mother loved creating beautiful quilts and she purchased the high quality. That is why she had an APQS machine. Please let me know what you believe to be reasonable. I will email you the few pics I have. Thanks!
  3. Hi Chery, I did not get a pm. Is there a trick I don't know about? You can also email me at beth8885@yahoo.com or text me at 402-657-7007.
  4. how do I move my post up

  5. Hello Lynn, I have received interest in the CL Boards as well and have been asked about selling items seperately. For now I would like to sell as a package. I want the person who purchases the machine to get a lot of extra fun items. If this changes I will contact you about the pantos to see if you are still interested.
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