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  1. Both of your quilts are absolutely stunning. Great job. Alyn
  2. Shana, How adorable. I love moose and have a collection. Would you mind sending one more set of e-mail pics? Sure would appreciate it. Thanks, Alyn
  3. I too am behind in the blocks but do intend to get them done... The ones that I have received are great. As life goes, it seems that if you "plan" on a day something always happens. Anyway, happy quilting. Alyn
  4. Sharon, What a wonderful, loving birthday tribute for your mom. My mom is 84 and no longer able to sew though she did the same for me. We are blessed aren't we. Hope you mother has a wonderful birthday and that you are able to spend time together. Alyn
  5. Beautiful JoAnn. Do you have a class schedule that you teach? I looked on your website and didn't find one. thanks, Alyn
  6. I too am behind in thank yous and in sending out blocks. I know that I recently received a beautirful card trick block from Linda Card. Have always wanted to try that pattern but just haven't gotten it done. Thank you!!! I have a couple made that I need to get in the mail also and one that I received that I have not sent a thank you to..will do so when I get home. Thanks again. Alyn Spring has Sprung in SD Meadowlarks last week and Robins this week
  7. Thank you Carol Hillary for my beautiful birthday block. My, my, you certainly have been busy. It's certainly a much appreciated early BD present. Alyn in not so windy SD today.
  8. Janome 6500, I love it. Friend has the newer 6600 and loves it too. Alyn in Windy (but no snow) Rapid City, SD
  9. If I remember right in the list that we got, there were some on there that stated they were only going to do their birthday month. I also believe that someone said they were only going to do a specific number. I know that I am behind in sending mine out. I have been doing similar to Norece as far as size and color, trying to group together. Mine is a November birthday and I had already received a block (Thanks again Norece). We just need to remember to have fun with this. :cool: Alyn
  10. Hi, I have actually made two of these out of my dad's shirts. One for my brother and one for myself. I used a star pattern and the shirt fabric for the points. I used black for the background in my brothers and an off-white for mine. As the shirts have all been washed, just be sure to wash your fabric (not sure if you routinely do that or not). My Dad restored John Deere tractors and gave one to my brother so I used a picture of Dad on the tractor in the label. Not sure what to tell you about the cost for this. Hope this helps. Alyn
  11. I received an early birthday block the other day from Norece and it is great. Thank you Norece. Just returned from a weeks vacation, first in 3 years that it was waiting for me..What an nice surprise. My "goal" is to get started this week on the blocks that I am behind in. thank you again. This is going to be so much fun. Alyn in windy, cold SD
  12. Hi Vicki, I had ask this under the Nov. thread but haven't heard back so thought I would try this one. I haven't received a copy of the spread sheet with info regarding blocks. Or do we just need to go thru each month to pick out the ones that we are going to do. Sorry if I remain confused on this. I know there are more than likely several Jan. BD's that have passed but those can be caught up on. If you need more info from me, please let me know. Thanks for everything that you are doing to make this go smoothly,. Alyn
  13. Hi Vicki, You had previously mentioned sending out the list for the block exchange. Have you had the opportunity to do this yet? If so, I have not received it. If you need other information to get it to me, please let me know. Thanks. Alyn
  14. thanks. I had looked at his web site but obviously didn't search for the correct term"strike". Thanks for your help. Merry Christmas
  15. Hi, I am looking for a bowling related pattern as I have a t-shirt quilt to do for a kids bowling charity raffle. I have searched the internet and looked at some of the places that I have purchased pantos but haven't had any luck so am hoping that someone will know of one available. Thanks in advance. Merry Christmas Alyn
  16. Good morning, Hi, I posted this a couple of days ago in the APQS help but didn't receive any help so will try here. I have a refurbished millie that I have had for several months now. All is going relatively well. However, when I stop sewing, I have a SR, by pushing any button to stop, the machine will act like it wants to continue, the needle never goes down, the fly wheel will keep moving slightly back and forth. If I touch it with slight pressure, it will stop. It does not do this all the time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I do need to get out the manual to get the needle up/down to go a little faster too. Thanks, Alyn
  17. I to am still confused as to how exactly this is to work but am so looking forward to it. I know there will be bugs to be worked out with an endeavor this large. November 20. Jewel tones or fall colors. Size doesn't matter (for the quilt block). Signed of course. Looking forward to this. Alyn
  18. Nice ride. I would love to have enough snow here to stay inside for a day or two. We are to get to -7 later this week but dry, dry, dry. Alyn
  19. Not sure where you are located but Lowes should be able to special order something like that. I would check with cabinet shops also as they can do special orders also. Good luck. Alyn
  20. Hi busybee, The back is a tan/off white floral. It is a gift for my DIL for Christmas. I have only done a little panto work and they have turned out OK so am not opposed to trying something like that on this. thanks, Alyn
  21. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have a quilt that I would like quilting suggestions for. this is a king size quilt. Have had my Millie since this summer so am still in the midst of the learning process. Appreciate any suggestions that you have. Thank you in advance. Alyn
  22. Hi Teri, Thanks for asking, no I never did hear from anyone. Got the small quilt finished but haven't tried it on anything else yet. Alyn
  23. I have read all the posts, searched etc. book too and THOUGHT I tried everything to remedy the thread breaking. I am only using Superior threads. Just finished a small quilt using bottom line on top and bottom. I had just purchased some MasterPiece and tried to use that but constant breaking. So I went thru everything again..... Seems the ONLY ones that I can use without breaking are the So Fine and Bottom Line. Please help...what am I doing wrong??? thanks in advance. alyn
  24. Posted here a while back requesting help on HF and Baptist Fans. I have the 9 and 12 down for the first fan but then after that I seem to be gaining and losing "time" and end up at about 8 and 1:30-2. also, what do you do at the very end when the full fan won't fit?? This was on a charity quilt but I really don't like the way the bottom worked out. Thanks in advance for any help. Alyn
  25. Hi all, I actually got my circles to be round (surprise), but am trying the Baptist fan. The first one is great but after that the 9 and 12 positions seem to become 8 and 1. The subsequent rows are all lining up but continue to be off about "an hour". Thanks to anyone who can help with this. Alyn