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  1. Darlene, You are so right. I watch some quilters who worry about their quilts lasting for generations and being thoroughly documented. While that is nice, I have always felt that I would rather just finish mine and see them well used....and used up. Once we become mothers, our lives are forever changed. We will always be mothers, no matter how old our kids become, and then, if we are lucky, we become grandmothers...then great-grandmothers. And yes, our kids are the most important creations we can ever make. I only hope that I pass on some solid values to the next generations. If I also leave
  2. Thanks to every one for all of the help. I believe my machine has been sold as of this morning. It will be sad to see it go, but for now, it works out the best for me. I do hope to be able to buy another to replace it within a year or two, and I am a bit sad to hear that some of the fine features on my current machine have been changed or discontinued. I have also enjoyed the bobbin winder and wonder why that would have been deleted. I did not know you could use a light instead of the laser, and that would have been very handy. One can never have too much light when quilting. For no
  3. Hello Cathy, Yes, this is still for sale. If you have any questions, please email me or post on here and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I will be away from the computer for the better part of the day, but will be back in the afternoon, hopefully. I will get back to you before evening. Thanks for looking!
  4. Vickie, Thank you so much. I had gone round and round through everything and just could not figure it out. It would be helpful if there were some instructions for this site, but, then thankfully, people like you are helpful. Mona
  5. 007 by monafilipponi, on Flickr 008 by monafilipponi, on Flickr 006 by monafilipponi, on Flickr 005 by monafilipponi, on Flickr 004 by monafilipponi, on Flickr 003 by monafilipponi, on Flickr 002 by monafilipponi, on Flickr 001 by monafilipponi, on Flickr Think I have this figured out....again, THANKS to Beachside Quilter....you are the best! Here is the link to three of the quilts I did on this machine....actually, my first 3 done on it.... http://www.flickr.com/photos/98895694@N03/ Thanks for looking! Mona
  6. Okay....following what someone says works....will see! 009 by monafilipponi, on Flickr
  7. So.....can anyone tell me how to get pictures to post? I do not have anything in "my media" and don't know how to get it there. HELP please.... Thanks, Mona
  8. Hello Everyone, Sorry I did not get back to post the requested items sooner. I have just had two new inquiries into my Millennium and figure it is time to make the time to post more info. It has been crazy around here, as I own and operate a chicken ranch, and we currently have been building a large new barn that will include 4 chicken coops and an egg handling room. Our weather has not been any help, both with wind and heat. The crew has been working 7 days a week, trying to get in enough work before it gets too hot or the wind blows too hard. The barn is now waiting for two final in
  9. Marci, My daughter and I will work on moving stuff in the room today so we can take pictures. The room is PACKED wth stored stuff....it looks lke a Rubbermaid store.......hence the great need for more space. I will post pictures hopefully sometime this weekend. I will also find and post the serial number.....the one on my receipt is my old phone number, so that is no help. Mona
  10. Hello Cheryl, The table has round tubing type legs that appear to be black powdercoating, which was original with the machine. I did not order the wheels with the machine itself, but do have the hydraulic lift. The wheels it is on are on a wooden custom built platform base it sits on. My brother built this so that I could move the entire machine if needed, and would also have a place to store the extras that go with the machine. It is like a shelf under the legs that goes clear across. It is not terribly fancy, but is very sturdy, as my brother does not do anything halfway. It is made from
  11. Since I am not getting any replies to this ad, I am reducing the price to $10,000 for all. I would also be able to deliver if you are close enough to make the delivery round trip in a day or less. I really do need to regain the space the machine is in, as my granddaughters need much more play room. Anybody interested?
  12. I purchased this 14' Millennium new in 2006. It has a hydraulic table lift, base expander for thread cutter, large base expander w/guides, microdrive, Hartley fence metal table, Hartley flywheel cover, stitch regulator, automatic needle positioner, single stitch button, laser light, power fabric advance w/foot pedal and built-in bobbin winder. I also have all the original instructions that came with the machine. I have not used this machine very much, and I believe I have not done more than 20 quilts on it. I purchased 100 bobbins with the machine and they will be included, as well as the
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