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  1. Update for Lenni owners. I wanted to be able to do ruler work on my Lenni. I still had my extended plate from my Gammill Optimum that I was going to sell, but I looked at the stainless steel plate under the hopping foot on Lenni and it was just a fraction larger on the either end were the screws are. I took both the extended plate and the bottom plate to a machinist and he modified it to fit. Voila I don\'t have to wait for someone to remanufacture one for the Lenni and I recycled the one I had. The bracket that fits under the bobbin area is a bit snug, but just removing the cork that cushioned that bracket made it fit. For the moment it works for me. Jan:P:P:P:P
  2. Here I am JoAnn, is your head swelling again? Well it\'s well deserved. Just look at that work. I would love to say you do it all with smoke and mirrors, but I know different. It took a lot of hard work and just plain talent. I personally think you do better than the CQ, but I guess I\'m just a little bias :P Keep it up baby, it gives us all something to strive for. Jan
  3. JoAnn is so right I was really excited to get this little powerhouse up and running. I was able to put most of it together by myself, I just took my time and followed the directions. It helps if you kinda know how to use some tools, but if you don\'t it really isn\'t hard. By that evening JoAnn came and helped me with the head and the carriage and voila we plugged it in and off we went. I still have some practicing to do, but going from a Gammill Optimum Plus with a 14 ft table to this little gem is heaven. Even my 6\'7" husband thinks he can run it, he has to sit down to do it though. So as soon as I have some work done I will post pictures. I\'m so happy I could _____ Oooppss well you get the picture. Jan
  4. I just loaded my baby in the car and we are heading home to go set up and play. I'm so excited. Delivery was a couple of days, supposed to be here yesterday arrived this afternoon. I'll let everyone know how we are doing in the next couple of days. Have a lot of bonding to do.
  5. Cheryl, What a scary witch you are. Next year you need to come back to the Black Hills at Halloween and be a player at the Haunted Opera House. We love having witches. We had a wizard and tons of gooley boys from the high school as the players. Talk to ya soon, Jan
  6. Hi everybody, It does my heart good to see you all supporting another fellow artiste. We should all be so lucky as Karen to have talent, talent and more talent and guts to do what she does. We have all been somewhere, sometimes not where we planned, but if we have some sort of enlightenment and find a way to reinvent ourselves and come out on top we should sing our praises. Karen I\'m glad you have shared about yourself and your past and where you are today. You just may have saved some young gal or guys life by talking about hitting bottom and creating a place and employment for yourself. So many don\'t have that vision. And how will they know if we don\'t tell them? I really feel sorry for people who have to criticize the way people look. If they would only realize that as they point fingers to those they don\'t approve of they should realize there are 3 fingers pointing back at them. Please feel free to send this to your disappointing fan and ask her to look at herself before she tells anyone how to live their life. I love you and all that you do for us. Jan:P:P:P:P:P:P
  7. My favorite topic of conversation are my hammock warmers. Kitty Boy and Baby Cat. I have to cover any quilt I have on my machine at night because those two will be downstairs and making themselves comfortable on their hammock. I'll come down in the morning and there they are stretched out and lounging like a couple of lizards in the sun. My female kitty Sparky is too old and chubby to get up on it so she's content to sit in my chair and watch the boys to make sure they aren't using their claws. The one thing she'll try to do is unravel my roll of batting under the machine and make her own bed. So I tie a long ribbons around the roll so it won't unravel. So, if she tries to make a bed it's more like a hamster on a wheel. Pretty funny to watch, it's her upper body exercises.
  8. I have a Gammill Optimum that sat in a warehouse for 2 years before I bought her. She was pretty dirty but she runs good now. I named her Gilda, for Gilda Radner who lost her courageous fight with ovarian cancer. Well I thought is was better than naming my dog Gilda. :cool:
  9. Yippee. Yahoo now I can quit beating myself up, I'm not alone. What a wonderful feeling it was to read all of these posts. Even from the old timers that have been doing this for awhile. The very first quilt I loaded to try my new pantographs that just came in the mail (now mind you, I paid a $1 for the top and it has old shirting material for the back that came from my Moms stuff), but still I thought this would be a great piece to make for a picnic or even just the back of the car. I got the whole thing quilted and I was short 4 inches. @$, the cats ran, the dog hid and I was upset with myself. A day later, after I calmed down, I realized I had all this fabric on the sides. Well a snip here and there and Voulau I was able to finish the last 4 inches. The funniest thing about this whole story is that I kept this all to myself until I read these posts and since then I have spilled my guts to anyone who'll listen. My friend JoAnn was the first to hear that I was just like youz guyz and her. I am so glad we aren't perfect, if we were, we'd be dead. Laughter at ourselves is the very best medicine.
  10. Hi Claudia, Don't ever be afraid of your work. I'll take that fabulous quilt if the maker doesn't like it. As an art gallery owner I have the undaunghting task of turning away artists works and than again someone will walk in and everything shouts out loud from the piece. This is one of those. And you just added the right amount of pazzazz to make it even better. I would hang it in a flash at my gallery and ask any price you would desire.
  11. I have ordered from lovetoquilt and have received everything except my ruler mate. It is on back order and will be shipped as soon as they have it. I have no worries about that. I own a business too and know how manufacturers get behind also. Just be patient I'm sure you'll get it as soon as they have it. They are a reputable company.
  12. Magnificent, stunning. I love the quilting it almost looks inverted rather than puffed out. Let us know how it does in the show.
  13. What a great surprise to hear from you all. I finished my very first quilt on my machine the other day and it's not for public view at this time. But I learned so much for first go around. It's all downhill from here. My next challenge is to load something that isn't just an old top that I paid a $1 for at the swap meet and do something of my own and make it beautiful. I have a couple of Mexican star wall hangings that I want to create a special look for. I'll keep you posted.
  14. My girlfriend JoAnn sent me the chat about new machines arriving and how it intimidates the #!*$ out of us. Were we can suffer from buyers remorse. Here's my story, my machine I bought used and had been sitting for over 2 years in a warehouse. It arrived in several very heavy boxes and we got it up and running, several things were wrong with it, but it's just a machine and I'm smarter than it, so I proceeded to take it apart, clean everything, reset some wires and put it back together. What did I have to loose, it wasn't working properly anyway. If it had to go to the shop, oh well. In the mean time I wrecked my back bringing it into the house so I couldn't stand to use it, but again it's just a machine, right. Thank god for rolling chairs and perserverence and Advil, I was able to load a quilt, adjust everything and start quilting. I'm shaky, it's shaky, but we are learning to jive together. It takes practice and determination and practice and practice and practice. Yeah I spent a lot of money, but I also gained courage where I didn't think I had it and that is worth every penny.