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  1. Dawn posted about a manual-selfpaced- back in May of 2013, has this come to fruition? I have learned to do lots with QP, but there is a LOT more it can do I'm sure. I have not figured out how to use pattern cad, or to combine and/or add a separate border design. I was going to get some more designs, checked with the pattern company to see if they would work with QP and was told I should not order them as they were encrypted and QP wouldn't be able to sew them. I've checked the forum to see how others with QP are doing and noone comments much...this leaves me wondering if I am the only one who hasn't figured it all out, or ??? Threadwaggle...I would be up a tree if not for her posts, I am a ..hands on visual learner and I would love to come to a 3 - 5 day class, bring my "tablet" and actually "draw" in the cad side, learn to quilt in sashings and borders with a design different than the body of quilt. I guess the proper way to say this is program? it to do what I want. OK..enough of my pity party
  2. Sorry it took so long to get back on here, first of all thanks for all the offered help...the cruise is a "quilting cruise" put on by Stitchin Heaven out of Texas,(there are between 75 & 100 quilters) they have cruises all year long to several different places, Carribean, Alaska, Hawaii, New England and the cruise line is Royal Carribean. The Alaskan cruise is in August, and I was concerned about the weather. Vancouver, Ketchikan, Icy Strait Point, Juneau, Skagway, Hubbard Glacier and Seward...my husband said that would be another one that he would like to go on, so was looking for information. They also have bus tours...Stitchinheaven.com click the travel tab.
  3. Considering a quilting cruise to Alaska, need some info
  4. Superior, as Meg said, it is called mardi gras, I have some and it is cool.
  5. I was so hoping we wouldn't be bothered with spammer so much with the new forum, guess it was just too much to hope for. I know Dawn has a daunting job keeping up with them, I didn't see them that day, guess when you can't get on every day you don't have to put up with them as much. To those that sent me their instructions Thank you, if anyone else has any, I would appreciate getting the older ones that Shannon put out.
  6. Julie, why or what did you report about this posting? To those that replied to my request... thanks so much.
  7. The guild I'm in locally loved my block swap quilt and want to do a swap. I asked "doodlebug" for any previous instructions she had for them and she informed me that the computer that she had them on had "crashed", but maybe some of the swappers still had their instructions. So...those of you that were participants if you still have your electronic version and/or only a hard copy, I sure would like to have a copy since I got nominated to chair this project. We are going to send invites to all the guilds in New Mexico and see if they would like to join us. I have the instructions for the " 30's X design " that was last spring or summer. I thought if I had some others, I could give them a choice of which design they(our guild) would like. Here is mine, it's not quilted yet, but it is ready and I have the backing, just got to find some time for me Thanks in advance for the help. snowflakea1@windstream.net Beverly Spencer 202 Buckboard Lane Carlsbad, NM 88220
  8. Thanks all for letting me know, will be emailing.
  9. I really need to talk to this woman, I looked through the member listings and couldn't find " Shannon Baker" unless I got the name wrong, would someone in Georgia ask her if she would contact me, it would be greatly appreciated...
  10. Not seeing any posts, is anyone planning on going this year?
  11. Was on last night for the first time in quite awhile, was disappointed to NOT see any postings about how those of you that have quilt path are liking it, is it as user friendly as the utube vidoes show, was it easy to get it set-up? I am in line and patiently? waiting to get the call from Heidi that mine is ready to ship, and was really hoping for some good reading, or pics or something?? OR are the dealers and reps the only ones who have received them thus far?
  12. I use flannel for backing on my personal quilts, love the fuzzy warmth and it helps to keep them from sliding off the bed, I press the seam open with steam so it lays really flat, have not encountered any problems
  13. I was just looking through photos and found this one that I wanted to post long time ago, but we didn't have the new forum and I couldn't get my pics to post. These blocks were started by my friends great grandmother, and then her grandmother finished them, the ladies dresses are out of flour sacks and the background is feed sack. My friend, Susan, had asked several people to put them together into a quilt and when she would tell them what they were, she had not been able to get anyone to finish it. She came to Carlsbad from Houston on vacation and I had told her to bring them with her and I would "look" at them, they were in very good shape, a little dirty, but otherwise the fabric was still good. I couldn't understand why no one would tackle the project, she said no one had actually asked to see them, so we are thinking maybe they thought they would be in bad shape. I took the challenge. I bordered the blocks, added sashing and borders, and just did a simple meander as I didn't want to distract from the "ladies". Some of them didn't have their arms embroidered on, so I finished them too. When she came to get it and then when she got home, her and her mother cried as they thought they would always just have the blocks,... made me feel good.
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