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  1. Well the past year still has my head spinning. Husband took a new job in Oregon. We had to sell our house in Montana & buy a house in Oregon. We have most (some) of the boxes unpacked, My sewing room is close to being set up. I had to get a new password to get back on here-it has been so long since I had any time to do much on any computer. I am back!
  2. When I first began to sew I taught myself...I thought I would make a "Wilma Flintstone" costume. How hard could that be one long piece of fabric with a hole cut in the center for my head to go thru- sew up the sides and slice up the bottom to look "cave womany" I did it all by hand and was soooooo proud of myself...then I tried to put it on-I had sewn up the entire side-left no opening for my arms!!
  3. Golden Colorado? Golden Threads right?
  4. Husband may take the job in Colorado...weighing all pros & cons. Of course I have already looked up the quilt shops-looking forward to going to them all! Are there any secret fabric shops? you know ... the kind the locals go to? Moxie groups in the southern Denver area? Allready in touch with a real estate agent.... Anything I may need to know???
  5. I LOVE Miracle Chalk!- I can never get the pounce pad to work right-Tried the spray chalk.-Never again!
  6. Worried about nothing-She Loves it!! Toot toot-She said "No one will see anything but the beautifull quilting!" I am smiling!! I had to point it out to her-she could not see it without her glasses.
  7. I posted some pictures of it on my facebook page-I cannot seen to figure out how to post on here!
  8. Linda- I am sure they are "line up" lines - If the lines were meant for trimming then the emboidered part would overlap and the pattern would not match up. I tried 2 of the things you mentioned - I think they are permanet , Lucky for me she is a wonderful person and will know I tried to remove them. But even though I tried I still feel like I let her down. I cannot post a pic but it is still very pretty and I hope she will be ok with it but I will make those covering suggestions to her and see what happens. Thank you
  9. I have just completed hand quilting a customer quilt - It is quite lovely. It was an emboidery kit so it was marked in the lite bluestuff they used waaaay back in the 70's (seems like yesterday! LOL) anyway she emboidered it & I put it together (set of panels), sandwiched it then I followed the blue dots for the hand quilting. The binding is done and I washed it on gentle cold 2 times-most of the quilting guide dots are gone but the blue line where you sew the panels together is still there and very easy to see. I tried the bottle of line erase stuff on q-tips to the line -did not do anything. Then I tried color safe bleach on q-tip . Nothing. I am hesitant to try real bleach as it may discolor the older fabric that is the top. I think maybe she ironed it while emboidering the panels? I know I did'nt iron it as that can set the marking. Is this a lost cause? Will the lines fade over time? Want to get it to her soon!
  10. If you EVER want to teach any classes I would hope to be the first in line!!!
  11. Oh Cheri - Sooooo good to see you back!! I hope you can sell the machine fast-
  12. Customer quilt-pieced backing-I do not cut the backs without them saying to-she of course is out of town needs it when she gets back.working on it over the weekend coming along nicely! Love the new thing I tried! But as I advanced the quilt I apparently did not get the back tight enough where backing top is longer than the body of quilt back- alittle bumpy and fuller there-any way to fix WITHOUT froging?????????? It's not a big area and it does even out but there are areas of pretty heavy quilting.
  13. Ok. Ladies - Fess up-I'll start. I had a friend that asked if I could help her out a bit of a problem. She was a friend so I said "of course" Mistake #1. She had agreed to make two shirt quilts (not all tees but bowling & club shirts) and a pillow for some of her family and she just did not have time to complete them. Could I do one and the pillow and of course she would pay me! We did not discuss price at the time as she was a friend. Mistake #2. She had asked me not to label them as she wanted to do that. I thought she wanted wanted to put something poetic on the label.Mistake #3. Of course I did not not get anything in writting -My BIGGEST mistake #4. Once I began I called her let her know that I felt I needed to buy some fabric for the shirt quilt she told me just use MY scraps-She thought anything I do would be beautiful! Then the next sentence she was asking me to save the scraps of the scraps I use so she could put them in the quilt she was doing! So they could match?? What the heck?!!?!?Can you believe that? I said no she could bring me her scraps. (I think I was finally catching on) When it was all done and delivered she gave me miniscule check and told me that this was our secret-she did not want anyone to know she did not have time to fulfill her agreement with her family-What she actually said was that she wanted credit for my beautiful work!! The nerve of people!! I have become a better business woman with that under my belt and I will NEVER allow myself to be taken advantage of again! I was at the mall the other day and her little side business was gone- (Holiday kiosk) & it still bothers me what she did -What I allowed her do-but the other thing is she NEVER even gave me a discount when I purchased 2 things at her little store!! LIVE & LEARN!!!!! I have chalked it up to life experience and hope I learned from it. After all I really have no one to blame but myself!! Now what's your biggest mistake/regret?