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  1. Hi all, I love "Terrific Thursday". I really enjoy hearing what everyone is up to and to see the beautiful quilts that are pictured. You gals and guys are great!! I have really missed you the past few days. I haven't been on for awhile. We had to put my Mom in a rest home. Her dimensia got to the point we could not care for her. Prayers for her please. We can use any of the help we can get. Thanks you in advance We have been cleaning out her home and getting ready for a BIG garage sale. I think she saved every type of container and box she ever brought into the house. We hauled 3 trailer loads to the dump. We found utility and grocery receipts from the 1970's. We have a real mess. My downstairs is completely filled with boxes and my main floor is filled with furniture. We took a lot of it to the Goodwill before we decided to have a garage sale to help pay some of her bills. We hope to have the house cleared out today and be able to clean up tomorrow so we can turn it back over to the landlord. Well I need to get ready to go back to work. I will try to get back to you later tonight.
  2. Liz, beautiful quilt. I love the piping on the binding, The colors are very pretty and I love the feathers. I am still working on feathers, I hope someday I will get as good as some of you girls. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Heidi, You are great! Thanks for sharing so much of your wisdom. You have taught me a lot. I am having problems getting a Flickr account opened up, but I will keep trying.
  4. Great job!! Beautiful ruler work! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Beautiful Libby. Your quilting is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. I agree with Madelyn, I do hope you will share how to post pictures in the bigger size and more than one in a listing. Heidi taught me how to post through Flickr, but I can't get signed in to the site.
  6. Ardelle, I love the quilting on this quilt. I can see why you had so much fun. It is fun to look at. I wish I could see the whole thing. You show so much imagination on this one, it is so interesting. You did a beautiful job quilting this quilt, as you always do.Thanks for sharing.
  7. Mandy, Great job. I love the quilting, the quilt too. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I love the quilts. Especially the 30's fabric.Would you mind sharing the pattern. I have oodles and gobbs of 30's fabric and really like this pattern. Thanks for sharing.
  9. I like the quilt and think you did a beautiful job on it. I am sure your daughter will love it! Thanks for sharing.
  10. I can't give any advise. But I am interested in what others will be sharing. I would like to get a printer with this capability also. Thanks to all for sharing
  11. Congratulation and welcome to the forum and the APQS family. You will have a lot of fun with your George.
  12. Linda, I feel for you.You need to learn not to let people take advantage of you. I agree with your husband, you probably need to raise your prices and be more selective about the quilts you take in. You need to put some $$$ in your pocket. I don't generally do quilts for others either, but I have had a few. I don't do it for nothing. I have a Mille to pay for. Good luck with what ever you decide to do. But figure it out and stick to your guns. You will get customers that are willing to pay for your talent.
  13. Heidi, What a beautiful quilt. I love the way you quilted it. Another of your stunning quilts. You are such an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing. I have a question for you, since you were the one that taught me how to post pictures from Webshots. I thank you for that. Now please share how you get so many pictures into a posting? I can only get one picture to post at a time. Thanks for in advance for any advise you can give.
  14. You did a great job quilting it. I love the embroidery piece and the border. I really like everything about this quilt. I am a big fan of Halloween, but I have 5 kids to celebrate it with. I have a lot of fun making costumes and painting them up. I really have fun with Halloween and Christmas quilts. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Dustee


    Zeke, Your stories are too funny! I love them. I can't imagine that happening. It gives me the creepy crawlies. I am sure I would have to move, I wouldn't be able to sleep another wink in that house. Please keep the stories coming. You are a great story teller! Thanks for sharing.
  16. Linda, I can hardly wait for your book is available to us. Please make it soon!! I am looking so forward to it. You have such great ideas and tips. You have helped me out with designs a few times and I have always been happy. Thanks for everything.
  17. Hi, I am getting ready to put a monster quilt on the frame. (I will try to post a picture.) It is heavy flannel top and back. Snails Trail pattern. I need lots of help on this one. It is the biggest quilt I have ever done, 84" by 108". It is for my husband and he wants it really thick. I have a flannel top and back with 80/20 batting and he doesn't think that is thick enough. My questions are: (1) What batting do I use? I wanted to use wool. Can I add another batting to this to make it thicker or will the single layer of wool be heavy enough? I have Hobbs high loft bonded, 80/20 and wool. If I can, what would you recommend. (2) I have to splice the batting. I am using Hobbs queen size batting. Any suggestions on how to do this would be much appreciated. This is another first for me. I have never spliced batting before. (2) What Superior thread should I use? I have some Glide also. (3) What size needle should I use? (4) Also, how should I quilt this? I would like some manly suggestions on this one. Another terrirory that is foreign to me. My first guy quilt. I would welcome any design help I can get. I can't do pantos, I don't have enough room to work from the back of my machine. Lots of questions! I know, right? I would much appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks in advance.
  18. Sounds like a lot of fun ahead of you. Have a wonderful time and travel safely.
  19. Welcome to the forum and the APQS family. Please don't ever be afraid to ask questions. We all are here for newbies and enjoy your postsl. Everyone on here are very helpful. I have the one from APQS and love it. Look on the APQS website. I think it may be called a spool holder.
  20. I don't notice the beep beep either. I listen to 50's music, pretty loud, while in my studio. That may drown it out. LOL
  21. I haven't had this problem yet. I have always been able to stitch through these problem seams with the method Dawn recommended. But, I love the hammer tip. I will have to get a rubber mallot to keep in the studio so I am prepared.
  22. Dustee

    Glacier Star

    Linda, I love your quilting. I think it came out beautiful! You are just too critical of yourself. You did a fantastic job! Thanks for sharing.
  23. Cheri, I am so happy to hear the great news about Elmer and that he is doing so well. We all have so much to be thankful for. You make such a cute couple and your love just shines. I pray the treatments continue to work. They are making so much progress in treatments for cancer and given more time may allow for advanced treatment and you two will have many happy years together. I will continue to pray for you and Elmer. I am so glad you found a new friend. What a blessing. It is wonderful to have a dear friend close by to help you through troubled times. Keep those cinnomon rolls coming for Elmer. Thanks for sharing with us. We are all here for the both of you. Lots of love and hope coming your way.
  24. Oh my! Vickie, this quilt is absolutely awsome! I love the detailed work you did. It is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
  25. I love this quilt. It is so bright and colorful. You did a great job!