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  1. Where are you located? How many magazines do you have? I live in the zip 51503. How much would shipping be? I am interested, would you consider selling them for $3.00 for each issue? Thanks, Dustee
  2. I have 3 of Myrna Ficken's DVD's, she is fabulous, she does a lot of free motion. I also have Donita Reeves, "Tips and Techniques for Longarm Quilting" she takes you from loading the quilt to the end when it is ready to take off the frame. She is really good and does a lot of free motion. And, I have all of Karen McTavish's books and DVD's. She is great if you want to learn some alternatives to free motion stippleing. I highly recommend any of these. I haven't got Kim Brunner's DVD's yet, but I bet I order them today If you couldn't tell I am a DVD and book fanatic. I read quilt books like some read novels. LOL Dustee
  3. Thanks for all the input. I will give the tension a try. I have to be honest, the tension scares me to death. I am afraid to mess with it much. I guess I will have to mucsle up and take the leap. Shana, what is Sewer's aid and where do I get it? Dustee
  4. Hi! I have a thread breaking problem too. I can stitch with Superior's King Tut or Lava without a problem. But when I try to use a different thread I get breakage every few inches. What am I doing wrong. I am guessing it is an adjustment, but I am pretty new at this and don't know where to start. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Dustee
  5. WOW!! After reading all the positives about Bliss, this sounds like a must have. I just brought the idea up with my husband and he said we can upgrade to the Bliss in a couple of months . We are still recovering from Christmas and working on a kitchen remodel. I can hardly wait!!