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  1. I love the quilt. Your quilting really makes this one. Your circles are perfect. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Welcome to the forum and the APQS family. I love your quilt! Your quilting is beautiful. Your mom will be so surprised and I am sure she will treasure it. I too look forward to seeing more of your work. We love pictures, keep them coming. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Oh Heidi, I was looking at pictures of a wedding in your webshots. duh!! I found them before your posted pictures showed up. The wedding pictures are beautiful! I do love the cake.
  4. Heidi, the cake is beautiful! You did a fantastic job.
  5. Heidi, Beautiful pictures. I am so glad the weather cooperated for you all. The beach is beautiful. Your daughter is gor5geous and made a stunning bride. I love your dress and you look lovely (as usual) and relaxed. I am glad you were able to enjoy yourself. I love the idea of the cupcakes for the cake. I may have to borrow that idea. Thanks so much for sharing.
  6. Beautiful job. I love the feathers. I have a practice piece on my Millie now, practicing feathers and leaves. Also, congratulations on posting pics. I haven't tried this yet. I know a lot of people are having trouble with pics. Do you have any pointers you can share? Thanks for sharing.
  7. Great job Dell! This is such a bright pretty quilt. I love the panto you used. Perfect. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Thanks Patty Jo for the tip. I love those Mr. Clean erasers, I use them all the time. Now I have yet another use for them. Thanks for sharing.
  9. I haven't tried posting a picture yet. But sure wish we could save these instructional postings to a favorites file.
  10. I just finished a batik top and backing. I loved piecing with the batik it handled very well. I used a 3.5 needle, glide on top and bottom line in the bobbin. I used wool batting and love it. I got lots of definition. I am anxious to see pictures when you are done. I am sure you will do a beautiful job!
  11. Oh what a cute quilt. The quilting designs are so cute. It turned out adorable. I love the elephant border. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Beautiful quilt. I love the ferns. With the fleece back it is sure to be a cozy quilt. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Beautiful quilt. You did a great job on this one. I love the back. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Great job on this one. You workied wonders on taming this one. I am sure your customer will be thrilled. Hope the rest of your quilts aren't as friendly.
  15. Super~!! I am glad your quilt show was a success.
  16. Vicki, I love the poinsettia, it is so pretty.The idea of holly wreaths or snowflakes sounds really pretty too. Linda, thank you for the link. I love the site. I added it to my favorites.
  17. Beautiful job quilting. I am jealous, I would love to have a guiltazoid to play with. Please post more pictures, I really want to see more. Thanks for sharing.
  18. What a sweet story. I can feel for you both. You handled that very well and were there for her. You will do a wonderful job on this quilt and make her so happy. I am so looking forward to pictures when you are done.
  19. I am pretty much like the rest of the girls. I use my SR for everything other than fills.
  20. Wow Heidi, I had to sit down and take a break after reading your "To Do" list. You wore me out and my brain is spinning. I know you will pull this off and you will have a beautiful wedding. Your daughter is so lucky to have such a "SUPER MOM"! Enjoy a wonderful wedding. Sit back and relax after this is all over. Smile knowing you were the biggest part of making this all happen.
  21. Sorry, but I wouldn't attempt to crosshatch an entire quilt. I have done backgrounds and borders which I marked first. It was really hard to keep everything lined up. I do use Dawn Cavanaugh's crosshatch ruler and it works great.
  22. Oh so funny. I too have swatted at balls of thread in my studio. I hate spiders too. Buit, I am terrified of mice. They just give me heebie geebies. Once my husband had to go out of town on a business trip. I took him to the airport and when I returned home a package of hamburger buns were gone from the counter. I was so sure it was a mouse that had gotten them. I moved to my girlfriends house, waiting for my husband to return. Sharon is not afraid of anything. We went to two grocery stores and I bought every mouse trap they had, about 20 of them. We went back to my house where I insisted she set all of them in my kitchen. When I picked my husband up from the airport, I dropped him off at our house and told him to call me at Sharon's after he caught the mouse. He found a squirell in our basement. To me that was not near as bad as a mouse.
  23. Juat adorable!! I love the bloodshot eyes, they really make the monster. Thanks for sharing.
  24. I think you did a great job on the quilting of the feathers. Very pretty quilting. Your customer should be very happy.