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  1. I'm trying to find a pantograph with running horses, I've been searching and searching, anyone know of a site where I could find one? Thanks in advance, Sheila justjazzydesignz@yahoo.com
  2. Sherry, All I can say is that you are UBER AWESOME!!!!! Did you get the email I sent you a few weeks ago? Email me soon, I\'d love to chat. Sheila Just Jazzy Designz
  3. I'll be in Oklahoma city on saturday, does anyone know of any good quilt shops around there I could visit? Thanks, Sheila
  4. I think I know you, you should remember me. I used to own the quilt shop in Aiea. Glad to hear you\'ve moved on to such a great machine, your work looks awesome - don\'t bother with pantos. Sheila Just Jazzy Designz (I\'m still quilting here in Texas)
  5. Can anyone give out the names of some of your insurance carriers, we've been looking to make a change because State Farm doesn't have riders, just a seperate business policy for the price of one arm and one leg, they are even requiring a seperate policy for my jewelry vs. a rider. I've never seen this before so I want to make a switch just haven't found the right source yet, so if you can give ideas I'd appreciate it. Sheila
  6. The first horse I ever owned was named Just Jazzy, so when I got my second machine (after selling my first with my quilt shop), I named her Just Jazzy since she's my new work horse. Business name: Just Jazzy Designz
  7. I'm looking for a texas bluebonnet panto pattern, has anyone seen one of these? Please email me direct, and thanks in advance. Sheila justjazzydesignz@yahoo.com
  8. My machine is named Just Jazzy. My first horses name was Just Jazzy and it seemed to fit since my milli is my work horse, right?
  9. Jessica, That's great, you will have such a great time. I'll be in the first session, I leave tomorrow morning and can't wait. This will be my 4th year at the retreat. I absolutely love it and I love Alex and Paula. Sheila
  10. I've done #2, 5, 6, 8, 10 & 11. Some of them I've done several times. As for learning curve I really believe it never ends. Seems the looks of quilting keep changing. I've lived and quilted in Hawaii for the last 4 years and now I'm back in Texas -I've been to a couple of shows recently and it's like "WOW" where have I been. I thought I did pretty fair quilting in Hawaii, never had less than 20 quilts in the waiting. But now that I've seen all the pretty quilting done here - I feel like I've gotta get back on the ball and meet up with Sherry again and greatly improve my skills to get back on track. So to say it in short I've been longarm quilting for 4 years and still learning. Sheila
  11. My helper has just discovered she can jump onto a loaded quilt and what a great hammock it is. The problem is she and I share a room, my quilt studio is also her room, where she can find litter and food and it's where she gets locked up when she can't be nice. So now this has created a HUGE problem for me, our house doesn't have any other space for her to call her own. We don't want the litter box in the kitchen or the middle of the living room, no one wants her locked up in their bedroom because she starts destroying things until she gets let out. I'll have to try to foil idea and see if that helps. She also likes the batting when it's hanging down, how do we solve that one? This is such a great board to get to know one another and the helpers we have in common. I don't post much but I try to read often. I do talk to Sherry frequently, she's my long arm angel. OH, and Judy L. too, such great people to know. Thanks all, Sheila
  12. Can anyone give any suggestions on how to get candle wax out of a quilt? I had a tablerunner on the table with a candle burning, candle melted, overflowed holder and landed on quilt, to melt it's way all the way through to the backside even. I waited for it to cool, figured it would just peel off , but....... that didn't work out like I planned. So I haven't touched it, I don't know what to do. Appreciate ya, Sheila
  13. Hey Sherry, Did you say "a lot of back tracking"? I say "WHERE"? Do you ever go off the line? I sure miss you and wish we could meet to play again, maybe someday. Sheila