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  1. I have a quilt that has repeating diamonds. They are on the straight grain but trimmed to look like the quilt is set on point. Can I hang the quilt on the diagonal so I have the whole row that I am quilting to go across on the frame?
  2. I am wondering if this needs more quilting in the plain beige areas. The setting triangles are cross hatched and the print is outlined. Would more quilting around the print hide where the outlining wasn't good, or would it accent it?
  3. I received a t-shirt quilt top and the t-shirts were not stabilized before it was assembled. Has anyone quilted one without stabilizer? Will there be problems after it is finished with the stitches popping because the backing is flannel and the top is knit?? Can I iron on stablizer at this point and lap it onto the sashing seams? Thanks for any and all advice!!!
  4. Anyone have pictures of a Night and Day quilt you did? Looking for ideas...
  5. I need ideas for this quilt. Any suggestions for a design? SID? Geometric? Curves? Should I use a varigated thread, invisible thread, or change colors? I just can't get a handle on this one! Thanks.
  6. Linda, thanks for the info. Raised the leveler bar and they work fine!! Now I'm wondering...do you sew across to the next line or just carry the thread and clip it later? Also on the lower left to upper right diagonal, do you sew on the right side of the rulergoing left to right on the quilt or the inside coming back right to left?
  7. Thanks Linda! I had my husband raise my leveler bar and it looks like that was my problem. Will be practicing tomorrow!!
  8. Wondering if something is wrong with my rulers from Linda Retch; I can't use an extended base with them and it makes them kind of wobbly? The clamp is so far down on the quilt top if I use my base that it sort of grabs the back of the quilt top.
  9. this is so frustrating for me! 2nd attempt for the 2nd photo
  10. Has anyone quilted Amy's Adventures from Hooked on Hankies? I'd love suggestions for a customer's quilt. I will try to attach photos, but that doesn't always work for me... Thanks in advance!!
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