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  1. I have a 2010 Millie, with Bliss and Quilt Path. When I pull my machine towards me, it sews fabulous....when I push it away from me it sew irregular, and on the back I have railroad tracks. Then I go from side to side, I get railroad tracks and irregular stitches. So..... Am I correct in saying that the Carriage Encoder on my machine is located in the back of my carriage, up underneath it....and I am unable to adjust it as it is taken care of by the bliss system set-up? Also, the only encoder that I am able to adjust is my Head Encoder? So if I have adjusted my Head Encoder and I am still getting terrible stitches when I push Millie away from me, or push Millie from side to side.....I either need to retime my machine, or get a new rubber encoder wheel for my Head Encoder? What else would I do???????? Thank you....anyone??????
  2. I also would love a couching foot!!!!! APQS should have one for us.
  3. I worked so hard at trying to fix the problem. One thing I did was to make sure my cords were not dragging, or rubbing on ANYTHING.....which is almost impossible. I did however string an overhead wire, and attached my electrical cord to that....keeping the cord up off of the floor. That helped. Then I made sure that my wheels were ALWAYS cleaned. I clean them everyday when I quilt. And, if I quilt for long hours, I wipe them down more. I took any extra weight off of the machine. I have Quilt Path on my machine.....and I remove it, and anything related to it when I quilt freehand. Also, make sure your wheels are not rubbing on the carriage...... I know I went through all of Amy's videos, the manual, everything I could get my hands on to read about to help the problem. Amy is a Goddess of information!!!!!! I hope I helped in some small way.......Janice in Northern Minnesota, near the Canadian Border
  4. I am looking for a specific quilt batting. It is a quilt batting that you cannot see through, DENSE......that does not stretch, holds it shape, STURDY..... that is a bit thicker than 1/16. Several years ago someone gave me a batting to use that was just like what I am looking for. They did not know what kind of batting it was. I have been looking for it ever since. I thought it was a Pellon of some sort, but have not located it. Does this sound familiar to any of you? I am sure it had scrim, and because of the density and being very sturdy, was probably needle punch. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you very much! Also, when I used this batting on my Millennium, it quilted great!
  5. Thank you Betsy! I have a 2010 Millennium with Quilt Path on it.
  6. Wow, 46".....that is long. I have a 2010 Millie, her carriage is 38" x 6". Is that the size you are looking for? (I have one of those). I do know there are several different carriages out there. Did Dave say which carriage he was talking about, besides the fact that is was small and lighter? How wide is the one you have now?
  7. I am having a bit of trouble making my channel locks stay in place. I am assuming there is a way to adjust these? Someone referred to a file or text about it.....where would I find a file telling me, or showing me how to adjust them? Thanking you in advance!!!!!!!!! Janice in Northern Minnesota
  8. Dawn, when you say "smaller" carriage, do you mean the narrow one?
  9. How do I know if I have an interchangeable hopping foot on my machine? I have a 2010 Millie. Do I have to take my head apart to find out? My older Millie had the one piece, tall feet.
  10. I found a small burr inside one of the wheels. I filed it down a bit. I am hoping this will help. I am putting my Quilt Path back on my machine, and will see how it goes. Thank you for the help. If it is still a lot of drag, I will call Amy next week.
  11. Sylvia, thank you.....I probably will call Amy in a bit and just see what she has to say. Janice
  12. No, my QP clamps are not engaged....but thank you for suggesting that. I am fairly mechanically enclined, so this is driving me crazy that I just am unable to figure this out. But, as I said, it could just be the difference between my two machines. I am so temped to put cooking oil on my wheels.........Grin............I am just kidding, honest! Grin
  13. My table is level, my table is square, my carriage is level, my cords are not dragging, my 4 black wheels are clean, my carriage is clean. I have no strings stuck in the four, black wheels I have checked my head encoder, taken it a part and put it back together again, correctly, I believe. Left and right she is fine.....I have Bliss, she is like butter. But up and down (vertical)...she drags. Could it be that this 2010 Millie that I just purchased is that much heavier than my 2000 Millie? Am I just weak???? Grin I did not try it out before I installed my new Quilt Path. Once I had the Quilt Path all hooked up, I noticed the drag. I REMOVED EVERYTHING having to do with the quilt path, I still have vertical drag. So it is NOT the weight of the Quilt Path hardware and computer. I have read everything I could get my hands on in these forums that have to do with the Head encoder wheel, M&M wheels, cleaning my carriage and all wheels, etc. I watched one video about wheels. I really could not find anything more I could do with this drag problem. Am I missing something? I know I should call Amy, and I will as a last resort. I know she is busy so if I am able to get some tips from all of you, it might help. Thanking you all in advance.....Janice in northern Minnesota
  14. I ordered a Quilt Path and it should be to my home this coming week. I have downloaded your instructions. Yesterday I requested being included in the Facebook Quilt Path Forum, but have yet to be invited. Are there other places that I should aware of that will help me? Thank you, Janice in northern Minnesota