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  1. I have a 2010 Millie, with Bliss and Quilt Path.  When I pull my machine towards me, it sews fabulous....when I push it away from me it sew irregular, and on the back I have railroad tracks.  Then I go from side to side, I get railroad tracks and irregular stitches.     So..... Am I correct in saying that the Carriage Encoder on my machine is located in the back of my carriage, up underneath it....and I am unable to adjust it as it is taken care of by the bliss system set-up?   Also, the only encoder that I am able to adjust is my Head Encoder?  So if I have adjusted my Head Encoder and I am still getting terrible stitches when I push Millie away from me, or push Millie from side to side.....I either need to retime my machine, or get a new rubber encoder wheel for my Head Encoder?  What else would I do????????    Thank you....anyone??????

  2. I worked so hard at trying to fix the problem.  One thing I did was to make sure my cords were not dragging, or rubbing on ANYTHING.....which is almost impossible.  I did however string an overhead wire, and attached my electrical cord to that....keeping the cord up off of the floor.  That helped.   Then I made sure that my wheels were ALWAYS cleaned.  I clean them everyday when I quilt.  And, if I quilt for long hours, I wipe them down more.  I took any extra weight off of the machine.  I have Quilt Path on my machine.....and I remove it, and anything related to it when I quilt freehand.  Also, make sure your wheels are not rubbing on the carriage......  I know I went through all of Amy's videos, the manual, everything I could get my hands on to read about to help the problem.  Amy is a Goddess of information!!!!!!
    I hope I helped in some small way.......Janice in Northern Minnesota, near the Canadian Border


  3. I am looking for a specific quilt batting.   It is a quilt batting that you cannot see through, DENSE......that does not stretch, holds it shape, STURDY..... that is a bit thicker than 1/16.   Several years ago someone gave me a batting to use that was just like what I am looking for.  They did not know what kind of batting it was.  I have been looking for it ever since.  I thought it was a Pellon of some sort, but have not located it.  Does this sound familiar to any of you?  I am sure it had scrim, and because of the density and being very sturdy, was probably needle punch.  Any suggestion would be appreciated.  Thank you very much!  Also, when I used this batting on my Millennium, it quilted great!


  4. My table is level, my table is square, my carriage is level, my cords are not dragging, my 4 black wheels are clean, my carriage is clean. I have no strings stuck in the four, black wheels I have checked my head encoder, taken it a part and put it back together again, correctly, I believe.   


    Left and right she is fine.....I have Bliss, she is like butter.  But up and down (vertical)...she drags.  


    Could it be that this 2010 Millie that I just purchased is that much heavier than my 2000 Millie?  Am I just weak????    Grin


    I did not try it out before I installed my new Quilt Path.  Once I had the Quilt Path all hooked up, I noticed the drag.   I REMOVED EVERYTHING having to do with the quilt path, I still have vertical drag.  So it is NOT the weight of the Quilt Path hardware and computer.


    I have read  everything I could get my hands on in these forums that have to do with the Head encoder wheel, M&M wheels, cleaning my carriage and all wheels, etc. I watched one video about wheels.  I really could not find anything more I could do with this drag problem.   Am I missing something?   


    I know I should call Amy, and I will as a last resort.  I know she is busy so if I am able to get some tips from all of you, it might help.


    Thanking you all in advance.....Janice in northern Minnesota 



  5. I ordered a Quilt Path and it should be to my home this coming week.  I have downloaded your instructions.  Yesterday I requested being included in the Facebook Quilt Path Forum, but have yet to be invited.  Are there other places that I should aware of that will help me?


    Thank you,


    Janice in northern Minnesota :)

  6. I have a 12 foot table that I have Bliss and automatic advance on.  The table is an older model.  When I received it, the handle on the far right that released the pressure on the quilt top roller and the backing roller, released easily.  I think it had velcro around the bars where they met up when you clamped them down.  The velcro has come off, and now when I release the handle and try to advance my quilt, they stick and jerk, and I have a difficult time getting them to clamp down. 


    Is it common for a piece of velcro to be around each bar so that it moves freely and clamps better?   Should I be oiling the clamps, etc?


    Am I making sense??????????????   Grin


    Janice in northern Minnesota

  7. Hello, I need some help regard what needle I should use.......


    I am fixing, NOT restoring a Crazy Quilt that was my husband's Great Grandmothers.  Some parts of it are in very good shape, and others, not so much.  I have been mending whatever rips I find.  Parts of the quilt I think had newspaper stuffed in them.  The cotton stabilizer has hundreds of rips in it, and I am planning on using a cotton batting, and a cotton backing for it.


    This is where my questions comes in.  I am going to gently re-quilt it on my Millie longarm.  Some of the thickness in this quilt will end up being 5, maybe six layers deep.  I am afraid of breaking needles, or bending needles.....etc.


    What type, size, needle should I use?   Titanium????  What about top and bottom thread?  I am thinking that I need a needle that is super strong.  Or, should I be using a very slim needle so that it goes through all of the fabric, etc??????


    I will appreciate any and all thoughts on this.


    Thank you


    Janice in Ely, MN

  8. I have used Warm and Natural batting often, and I have always had good results with it.


    Now I have a question please.....what type of batting would you use for a table cloth?   I am making a fairly formal table cloth.  I will be putting a lot of feathers on it.   I want it to lay flat, so I am thinking I want something thin.....that can be washed and hold it's shape. Oh, and the cloth itself will be a cotton or cotton blend that will be prewashed of course.   What do you think?  I really need help on this.  I am open to all thoughts.


     Thank you!

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