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  1. I was looking for Micro Handles for my Millennium, and found a set. However, I have a friend who also would like them. If anyone has a set of Hartley Micro Drive Handles that they are not in need of, please let me know. Thank you very much. Janice in Northern Minnesota, near the Canadian Border
  2. Is a 100/16 needle considered a "standard" needle for my Millennium? What would I use a 130/21 needle for? Thank you, Janice in Northern Minnesota
  3. Yes, I have the needle in correctly. It sews perfectly when I am quilting. It happens only when I am doing the needle down at a start and stop. As I said, I plan on changing the needle to a small size, as I believe the one I have in there now might be too large for what I am working on. Thank you again to Dawn and everyone else who took time to help me out! Janice in Northern Minnesota
  4. Thank you all very much. I will check my #8 screw. Also, I am changing my needle to a smaller one. Thank you again, Janice in Minnesota
  5. Yes, I did let it warm up. It quilted fine....but when I would start and stop, and use my needle down to finish off....it would slowly go down, touch the fabric, stop and hum. I will take the front left cover off and check it. Thank you!
  6. So I loaded my quilt,....100 percent cotton....and I loaded the backing....100% cotton... and batting (thin 80/20) onto my frame. I put a new needle into my Millennium and I proceeded to put "needle down". It started to enter the quilt (not at a seam)....and it bulked...and got stuck there. I had to turn the wheel to get it down. It happened over and over and over again. It was like it did not have enough pressure to get through my three layers. It is oiled, it is cleaned. It is one of my first projects that I have done since I had it in last fall for it's "Spa Treatment". Wh
  7. I will be picking up my Bliss System in October. I'll be interested in how difficult it is to assemble. My husband, bless his heart, is not overly mechanically inclined, so I know it is going to be a challenge for us. Grin
  8. Thank you Sue, I believe you have answered my question. Janice
  9. Hello, Question please, is there a VIDEO from APQS on how to load a quilt to the Millennium? Are there ANY type of videos that may be purchased from APQS regarding the set-up and use of a Millennium? Thank you! Janice in Northern Minnesota
  10. I am trying to collect information and opinions, please. I will be purchasing a 2000 Millennium soon, with the original table. I would like to upgrade her the best I am able to give me ease of quilting. If you have an opinion in regard to the adding M&M wheels versus upgrading to Bliss drive, would you let me know. Thank you, Janice in Northern Minnesota
  11. I am purchasing a 2000 Millie. She has not had a "Spa Treatment" in five years so I am thinking that I will send her in for one. Who do I talk to? I would like specific info as to what they will do to her....and any upgrades I might have done. Janice in Northern Minnesota
  12. Hello, I would like the Featherz and Pattern, and the Featherz Border if they are still available. Please let me know and then I will use PayPal or send you a check, whichever you prefer. Thank you,
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