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    Bertwood reacted to Cagey in Question about interchangeable hopping feet.........   
    You will have two small screws about an inch up from the hopping foot, then you have an interchangeable hopping foot bar.  http://shop.apqs.com/Peek-A-Boo-Foot_p_127.html
    If the hopping foot bar is one solid piece of metal from where it comes out of the head to the bottom of the foot, you do not have an interchangeable hopping foot machine.  You can upgrade it though, which does require retiming your machine.  
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    Bertwood got a reaction from dbams in Vertical Drag on Millennium   
    No, my QP clamps are not engaged....but thank you for suggesting that.  I am fairly mechanically enclined, so this is driving me crazy that I just am unable to figure this out.  But, as I said, it could just be the difference between my two machines.   I am so temped to put cooking oil on my wheels.........Grin............I am just kidding, honest!    Grin
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    Bertwood reacted to barbm in Vertical Drag on Millennium   
    Okay, this might be a dumb question, since you said you removed EVERYTHING having to do with Quilt Path: is your QP clamp engaged with the belt on the carriage???
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    Bertwood reacted to barbm in Vertical Drag on Millennium   
    Janice, it sounds like you've checked everything we would all check. Please don't worry about bothering Amy - or any of the other fine folks in APQS Service - that's why they're there! Send an email to service@apqs.com, outlining everything you listed above and they'll get you fixed up. Do you have any APQS Reps close to you, just in case this needs some hands-on checking?
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    Bertwood reacted to dancing bear in Vertical Drag on Millennium   
    we had this problem a while back and we turned the 2 back carriage wheels OVER ... drag eliminated ... which means the wheels are going but we still have some life left in them.  This was per APQS suggestion, btw.
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    Bertwood reacted to Sharond in Table Maintenance   
    I had the same issue with mine when I first got the machine that I have. I took the brake off the machine, used Goo-Gone to remove any of the residual sticky from the where the Velcro had been. Then I used rubbing alcohol to make sure it was clean and reapplied the Velcro. I have not had anymore issues with the Velcro.
    You can also tighten the brake lever. You will need an allen wrench, and with the blue handle straight out from the brake, not locked, hold on to the handle and tighten the screw underneath the handle with your allen wrench.
    Good luck!
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    Bertwood reacted to Sharon Deming in Table Maintenance   
    Yes, this is not uncommon. One of my pads had folded back on itself and left some of the adhesive on the roller. I think I used WD 40 to clean off the adhesive and then alcohol to clean up the WD 40. You can get new brake pads from APQS. I also suggest calling customer service. They will know exactly what to do.
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    Bertwood reacted to barlowmic in Micro Drive Handles to fit a Millennium for sale   
    I have Micro Drive Handles to fit a Millennium for sale $75 plus US shipping.  Anyone interested?
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    Bertwood reacted to Primitive1 in Who do I talk to about a "Spa Treatment"   
    You would call APQS and ask for Amy.
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