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  1. I am so sorry for all the problems. I know you are not crazy for doing what you are doing. Madison is important and you are helping her. That is what is important. If she didn't have you to support her life would be a different story for her.
  2. Congrats! I was there yesterday and upgraded to Bliss!
  3. I will come too! Anything I can bring Debbi. I live in Johnston, so any way I can help out let me know.
  4. Another option would be to save it for next years auction, but I agree if you place it in the auction...no less than $100.
  5. I have mine a three tier drawer plastic container.
  6. I think we need to hear from Debbi. Maybe if the days don't work for her, I might be able to do it at my house. I am in a suburb of Des Moines.
  7. I have a CQ, but it does not have the last upgrade. It is for a 12 ft table. I am looking to upgrade to bliss, which I can no longer use my CQ. Email me at stagecl@yahoo.com. Let me know what you are interested in paying.
  8. What about May 31st or June 7th? Any other suggestions? Memorial day is May 26th.
  9. Another question to ask yourself is are you making this as an heirloom for future value or are you quilting for the fun and joy of it,( not that creating and heirloom isn't fun)? I quilt for the fun and joy of the whole process, to create my own quilt, to not worry about future value...pure fun! Besides there are so many more quilts I want to make that nothing would be finished if I didn't use my LA to help in the process. I would never get a hand quilted quilt done, I know me and the process is too slow for me.
  10. I am open to what ever day works best!
  11. I am in Des Moines now..may I come too? Where do you meet?
  12. Congratulations on your new machine. Your DH is a keeper!
  13. Your quilting really makes the quilt pop! As for spooky, it is way too cute to be called spooky
  14. We've had a nice day here, but still a few weeks before plants bloom...like probably 4, but we'll get there. Beautiful tree!
  15. Oh, my....I'll never understand why some quilters don't square up and measure.
  16. She certainly is a cutie! Before you know it she'll be off to college!
  17. I think Dawn stated that APQS might be able to help with some of the hardware, but you'll have to check. APQS did CQ installations at one point in time.
  18. I am baking goodies for neighbors, piecing a quit top and grocery shopping (as well as the usual load of laundry and meal prep)! Not too exciting but I am having fun!
  19. Health issues have been a problem this year, which I was totally aware of. I guess I was just surprised since I have a CQ and there was no announcement to any CQ owners that I am aware of. Selling the business if that would have been a possibility would have be a benefit to CQ owners since now there will be no software updates or other support. It is a good system and runs like a workhorse. I do wish them the best.
  20. I tried calling CQ or other wise know as Odssey quilt Company now. The phone is disconnected and the website says they have shut down? Am I wrong? Does anyone know? Just check the computerized section and yes they are out of business....too bad...it is a great system. I don't know how to delete this post. Otherwise I would. Thanks Cheryl
  21. I also enjoyed seeing her quilts from beginning to now...what a creative journey. I did talk with Claudia at the APQS booth. She is a wonderful person and quilter!
  22. I'll be going too, probably Wednesday. Don't forget to see the Des Moines Area Quilt Show too. It is in the same building! The guild has a lot of awesome quilters! I can show up any day being only about 10 miles away
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