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  1. Hi Grammie Tammie, I know that my friend in Virginia is around 2 cents for E2E. Don't know if that helps you out at all. What you should do is look up some of the LA'ers in CO to see what they are chargind. If they don't have websites...give them a call.
  2. I have had a computerized system for 6 to 7 years. I started out in business without one. If I were to do it again for business I would get a computer right away. Quilting is labor intensive. Even if the machine glides like on ice, it still means you have to start and stop the machine, move the machine and create your is work. No matter which way you chose to go there will be a learning curve. I still love to work on my machine with out a computer assisting me. I am very glad I have the skill to do custom work free hand and wouldn't want to be without that abililty. The bread and butter of a business is pantographs and having a computer to do those is awesome.
  3. Your quilting is always beautiful. Sometimes a simple choice such as stippling is the best for a quilt. Stippling is simple in concept, but tiring and a lot of work to do
  4. You are so lucky! I would love to upgrade but need to wait! Have fun!
  5. Check ProChemical and Dye Co for information. They have a wide selection of dyes and procedures too. I have dye cotton, wool and silk, but haven't tried polyester.
  6. Welcome! I think some of the best money I spent was going to MQX and MQS to take classes...lots of classes!
  7. Your daughter is a beautiful woman and her DH is handsome too.
  8. Ordinary will have more of a chance to happen after July 6th! Congrats on your DD up coming marriage!
  9. How appropriate! I would love one too.
  10. Vicki, Moving is always hard and it is never fun packing. On the bright side it is a great way to purge all the stuff that you've been hanging on to that you don't really want pack and unpack at the other side
  11. I let a friend who is a LA'er, has her own business use my machine when her machine has a problem and isn't working (this is a rare occassion). I know she can use it with no problems and will care for it as her own. I did let another friend use my machine once, the machine ended up with a burr on the throat plate from her moving the machine too fast and bending the needle. It was an easy fix to the problem. I realized letting someone use my machine makes me too nervous, so I don't do it anymore.
  12. I use to live in WI, so "The Quilting Workshop" owned by Kari in Wausua. She maybe able to help too. I don't have her phone number but with the web, I am sure it is easy to find.
  13. I have never sold any of my quilts for just that reason, no one wants to pay what it really costs. So I am of not much help.
  14. I have never owned one. I usually use my hands to feel if the stitches are right. But I quilt for myself now, so the quality of the fabric is good, so is the backing and batting. I rarely have any issues so a cam is a mute point for me. Even when I was in business, I never had trouble with my Freedom.
  15. Congratulations are due for both events! What a busy month!
  16. Welcome! I can't wait to see some quilts you are working on!
  17. hmmm...I had trouble the past 2 days. I couldn't into the forum, maybe that was a good thing.
  18. Marilyn, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. I am so sorry for your loss.
  19. I gave my daughter her wedding quilt a year after her divorce (she and her husband were married 2 years). It was a good thing I was slow on finishing it. Needless to say there were no names or dates
  20. Your quilt looks lovely. As for simple, sometimes the simpliest is the hardest! Great quilting!