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  1. My machine is for my own sewing. I like to be the one who completes them from start to finish. Yes, it is expensive, but for me it is worth every penny. You need to decide what is best for you. One option would be to buy a used APQS machine, the cost isn't as much and APQS will support you with any help you need. Except the warranties on the machines do not transfer.
  2. Congratulations! Hope to see a picture posted soon!
  3. I never wash quilts when given as a gift or when they are for me. I wash after using them. My friend washes all of her quilts because she likes them to get that puckered look. Oh, I don't pre-wash my fabrics either.
  4. Congratulations! No wonder when I have given you a jingle on the phone you are never home!
  5. I know I am late to post on this message. My first machine was a Gammill Opt. I always had trouble with consistent stitches. I never could get the help I needed even when I called the company directly. So I sold my gammill, bought an APQS machine. I love the customer service. I get help when needed and it resolves any problems, but I rarely if ever need help. I love my APQS machine. I'd never switch to another company! They support their products. You can't go wrong with APQS.
  6. If you want your quilts from your customers prepared and ready to go on the machine. You've got to teach them what you need and expect from them at the beginning. It is hard to make something beautiful when you are starting buried in the mud (or fur), so to speak. Did you tell her it needed to be pressed or you'll charge for that too. I think you did the right thing by giving it back.
  7. I thought the tree was 3-D too. It is awesome.
  8. Here are some pictures of the low water immersion dyeing <a href=""><img src="" alt="Parfait"></a> Humm...I'll get the rest posted. User (mine) error...isn't that the way it goes:o
  9. I have "Over the River". And to make the quilt larger, I finished the verses, but I haven't stitched it yet. Do you have a Checkers account? I think you can find it there.
  10. I can see it, but I think it is a beautiful quilt. I think it adds character.
  11. No snow here for snow dyeing, but I do a lot of low water immersion dyeing! If you decide to try that, check out "Color by Accident" by Ann Johnston. I just finished teaching this class and it was a blast!
  12. I have an IPad, if there is still room put me on the list.
  13. Welcome! I remember when I learned to drive a car! That was overwhelming too, but now it is second nature. I think quilting is much the same. But there is always something new to learn when quilting and working with a long-arm machine after a while it is not overwhelming, just exciting.