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  1. Hoping all goes well with the surgery and only 2 weeks for a cast!
  2. No quilt gifts on my list...just a set of Addi Turbo knitting needles.
  3. Welcome! Asking questions is what this forum is all about! It is about learning and having fun. Have a fun sewing on your new machine:D
  4. Cute! What does a duck put in his soup? Quakers:P:P
  5. Welcome Lynn! Stay too, Shana!
  6. I have always oiled and cleared the lint out of the bobbin case with each bobbin change. I still do that with my old DSM of 30 years, which runs like a champ!
  7. Your feathers are awesome. The quilt turned out awesome!
  8. My DD got some where between 8 inches and 14 inches of snow. She will be out of power for at least 7 days:(
  9. I'll have to look up the Lord Baltimore cake. I had forgotten about that one. I have tried a yellow sponge cake, but didn't like the results. I look up the sunshine cake too.
  10. You are right, Linda, our old tables are great light boxes. I use mine for that purpose all the time.
  11. I have made an angel food cake from scratch and it was absolutely better than the box. But I usually use a box because what am I to do with all the leftover egg yolks? Creme brulee is a fatten delicious dessert, which I don't need right now that would use up those egg yolks. Box angel food is just fine.
  12. White is harder to keep clean:P I like the original color better:D
  13. Just some input here...if I remember correctly a non-stick iron does not get as hot as a an all metal one. So it depends on what you are looking hot or non-stick?
  14. Congratulations on your new house! It looks beautiful. I love the front porch!
  15. Great quilt! Some quilt just handle a pantograph better than custom quilting. I think a pantograph was a great choice for this quilt.